Above ground pool coversIf you love your above ground pool and want it to stay as clean as when it was built, then you should be ready to spend quite a big amount on maintaining it too. Above ground pools are more prone to dirt since they are at the lowest level. Fallings from plants and trees, dust, snow and ice during winter are all the sources of polluting the pool.

If you are worried about maintaining your pool, then the next best option is to buy pool covers. These are very good to use during fall and summer as well. You can choose according to your requirement of the pool size and other criteria. Below are a few reviews to help you choose the best one.

Blue Wave Bronze Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

Blue Wave Bronze

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Open this good quality cover after a rough winter and you will be amazed to see your pool exactly like it was when you closed it. This is made for winter mostly with bronze grade cover. It is best suited for above ground swimming pool. The Blue Wave round cover is UV protected so it can be used for years. The durability is high. It comes in a dark blue color with the black colored underside. It can withstand up to 10” of snow during a heavy winter. The cover is heavy enough to withstand strong blowing winds. Easy to install you would not need a lot of manpower to cover your pool. Removing it is also easier with above ground pool pillows, the accumulated dirt just falls off when you peel off the cover after a long winter.

Intex Deluxe 18-Foot Round Pool Cover

Intex Deluxe

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One of the best above ground pool covers, it prevents water accumulation and is secured with rope ties. The package comes with the high quality clamp with a thick nylon rope to hold the cover tight and secure. The round pool cover is made of a slick material that is used to make motor vehicle covers for winter. A deluxe cover, the size is sufficient enough to cover an 18 foot round pool. You can see the cover protecting your pool from the howling winds. Also, made for summer with UV protection and made of heat resistant material, this is a perfect cover with good reviews post usage.

Pool Mate 5724-4 Sandstone Winter Cover

Pool Mate

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A protective cover in sandstone color made for harsh winters; this is one of the best winter pool covers for above ground pools. It is big enough to be used for round pools of appropriate size or even in a rectangular pool. In comparison with a cheap pool cover, this one does a lot of better work for the price paid. It has a very good overhanging option too. You will be satisfied after investing in this pool mate and will enjoy cool pool days in summers. Your pool will be neat and clean and you will be glad to have spent on this.