​It is good to have the pool in your home, but maintaining its cleanliness is a very important thing that the pool owners sometimes overlooked. Though chemicals are the most preferred solution to clean one’s pool, the modern day robotic pool cleaners for swimming pools like Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40 helps in the less use of the chemicals and give out a complete cleaning of the pool with crystal clear water for a healthier look. The Aquabot Pool Rover is specially designed for different shapes and sizes and also carries out the maneuvering process very easily.

​Features of Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40

Sleek In Design: The design of the Pool Rover S2-40 is made up in such a way that it helps in the maneuvering of the pool in a very convenient and fast manner. You can very easily clean your pool through using the pool cleaner with fewer amounts of chemicals. It comes with the contemporary outlook and gives you a very reliable experience.

Flexible With All Kinds of Shapes: The pool cleaner is very flexible as well as blends well with different kinds of shapes and sizes of the pool. The best thing of the pool cleaner is that it will clean from all areas of the pool.

Access To Filter: The pool owner can easily get access to the filter of the robotic pool cleaner that will help you to remove all the impurities from the pool and will also carry out the task in a much more balanced manner.

Adjustable Wheels: The best-inbuilt feature of the product is that it comes with a feature of adjustable wheels that will very easily help to move from one area to another inside the pool, thus giving it an edge to clean even the more dingy places and that too with complete safety and security.

Pros and Cons

Convenient To Use: With the features of the adjustable wheels as well as access to the filter for the cleaning purpose, one is able to find this Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40 to be one of most convenient option that one can easily explore to clean one’s own pool. The filter bags very easily eliminate all the dust and the particles that can be very harmful during the usage.

Goes With All Shapes And Sizes: Another big advantage of the product is that it goes with all kinds of pool sizes as well as pool shapes. No matter whether the pool is big or small it comes with a unique feature of blending well with all types of shapes and sizes.

Affordable Rates: Money is one of the most important assets that need to be kept in mind while buying pool cleaners at affordable rates. This is the primary asset that gives you with the facility of offering great amount of products at such an affordable price.

Strong Suction Power: In order to clear out the debris in a powerful manner the product comes out with the best strong suction power. It helps in picking up the debris in a much stronger manner that will elevate the working in a much more refined manner.

The major disadvantages or problems that might occur while using the pool is that unlike the other pool cleaners it does not consist brushes that can easily remove the surface debris through scrubbing out the surface in the primmest manner. Sometimes due to the non-availability of the brushes the cleaning process takes a lot of time and it becomes a strenuous exercise for the pool owners to carry out.

Another problem which is associated with the Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40 is that when the algae come in the pool then the cleaning process becomes too tiring and it can often lead towards getting the chemicals in the most daunting way. The wheel axis angle often tends to get the break during the usage as recorded by some of the customers who have encountered problems with the product.


Hence, the product is the most convenient pool cleaner that not only cleanse your pool in a subtle manner. Having its own fittings and hoses there is no trouble that can be associated with pump and filter bags. The impurities are removed at a much advanced level. The most affordable rates are the best option that comes with the advantage with this product. Though the maintenance is quite less it the cleaning process evolves a lot of hard work and an extra effort that needs to be put on every time.