With the incredible 3 minute feature, you will easily remove the debris from the pool. This amazing robotic pool cleaner is highly portable and the cable also doesn’t get tangled as compared to other pool cleaners. The Dolphin 99996356 pool cleaner gives you a complete satisfaction and thus helps you to enjoy swimming in your favorite pool.

 Features of Dolphin 99996356

Works Well In the Inground Pools – This advanced level patent technology robotic pool cleaner works really well and is suitable for the in -ground pools. It cleans the pool surface, cove as well as the walls of the pool with the best amount of experience to the pool owners.

Micro Filter Bag– With the amazing filter bag, this robotic pool cleaner clears all the dust particles as well as debris in a proper manner. Even the small amount of dust can be accumulated with this specialized filter bag that will give a powerful cleaning to your pool. You will be able to give a complete cleaning experience with this pool cleaner.  It not only cleans but also provides a shine to your pool.

Self Programmed Operations – The product comes with the benefit of no pre-installation or any other kind of installation. It has a digital feature of self-programmed operations that carry out the optimal scanning of the entire pool.

Floating Chlorine Dispenser– As chlorine is one of the most important things that has to be with the pool cleaning equipment, it is very necessary that it should be a floating one. Therefore, the greatest asset of the robotic pool cleaner is that it comes with the large capacity of the floating chlorine dispenser that not only ensures safer cleaning but also is very great in terms of the cleaning purpose.

Pros and Cons

Highly Efficient– One of the greatest advantage of the product is that the performance rate is quite an exhilarating one that also speeds up the less amount of time that is taken by the pool owner to clean one’s pool in order to make sure that there is no amount of problem that is faced by the one who is cleaning the pool.

Quite Affordable– Money is one of the most important things that any customer keeps in their mind while buying any amount of product, therefore, it is very necessary that the product which they are buying is not only affordable but also coming with top quality.

Easy And Comfortable Operations – The machine of the cleaner is quite simple and is very easy to carry out the operations. There are just 3 simple buttons that will give the pool owner a very convenient experience to carry the operations in the most simplified manner. Only a simple initial setting has to take place as apart from it the operations can be carried out in the proper manner.

Saves Time And Energy – Another most positive thing that one can undergo with this special pool cleaner is that it saves a lot of time as the customers have reported that they find more time in enjoying the bliss of the pool than cleaning out the pool. Thus, it solves out a great amount of time with less amount of energy that is leveraged to work in the particular direction.

The problems that people have faced while using the product is that the filter though comes with the very amazing feature of even removing the minutest of the clutter, is having a very short surface area which is the main reason that quite often people have to clean the filter again and again.

Another thing which is reported is that as the pool cleaner is quite new in the market, the availability of the parts often tends to create a very problematic situation in front of the customers. Also, as the cartridges are used for two to three times, the quality of operations of the cartridges starts depleting in some cases.


Hence, Dolphin 99996356 is one of the advanced and new generation pool cleaners that not only gives the pool a great shine but also promises the pool owners with the advantage of getting the great amount of supreme quality unique experience. The highly efficient operations along with the less consumption of time as well as energy.

Also, the customers can enjoy the good removal of the debris from the pool owing to the self-programmed feature as well as the great filter bag. If you are having a restricted budget then this product is the best one to choose out for your purpose.