Looking out to clean your pool surface as the summers are soon approaching. Though it is a very tedious job to clean your pool yet if the best robotic pool cleaners are bought at affordable rates you can carry out the process very fast and effectively. What is required by you is to explore the great options and then choose the right pool cleaner as per your need. However, the Dolphin 99996403-PC pool cleaner is very effective and can carry out the process in a very easy manner owing to its salient features.

Features of Dolphin 99996403-PC

Convenient Cartridge Filter System – The filters that are associated with the pool cleaner is highly effective. These filter system will make it a very convenient process to give an extra clean up so that all the cleaning is done in the most swing based cleanup process. The filters come in a very good quality which makes it an ideal solution to operate in an effective manner.

Patent Swivel Tangled – The swivel cable that comes with the easy solution of preventing the wires of the cable to get tangled. It imparts the good quality of the robotic pool cleaner and makes it a comfortable affair to operate in the well-balanced manner.

3 in 1 Action – In a very short span of time, you are able to carry out the tasks and can perform really well. Now you can easily scrub, vacuum and clean the swimming pool with the help of this pool cleaner. It only takes 2 hours to carry out the whole  process so that all the actions can be carried in the easy and comfortable manner. The 3 in 1 process makes it be the best option that you should consider while going for the buying of the pool cleaner.

Superior Cleaning with 50 ft – The cleaning process is carried out in a superior manner with the 50 ft lengths that will act in a superb manner. It also makes it a very amazing feature so that all the tasks of cleaning are carried out in a unique manner.

Pros and Cons

Minimum Intervention – The cleaning is done with the minimum intervention so that there is no kind of hindrance during the working scenario. The pool coverage is carried out in the manner which is very essential to outperform all the duties in the easy and comfortable approach. The reliability with the pool design gives you all the comfort and variety.

Quick Filtration – The filtration process is carried out in the manner that will be done in the cleaning of the pool with the help of an extra filter bag which comes out quite handy as per the convenience of the pool owners. The cartridge filter which is designed with the most amazing features. The filtration is done with the easiest and convenient manner.

Innovative Scanning Technology – The scanning process is carried out in the most innovative manner. Through the scanning one can easily check out the surface area which is required to be cleaned out. You can easily clear the area from your swimming pool which is otherwise not very easy to clean and clear. The scanning also saves the time and will reduce the work. The pool coverage is done with the very great manner.

Removable Screens -The screens that are exclusively done in the manner so that the pool dirt can easily be removed out. It helps in the trapping of the large debris so that you can take out all the other material in an easy way.

The drawback of Dolphin 99996403-PC as  reported by most of the pool owners is that the weight of the robotic pool cleaner is very heavy. It at times raises concerns in terms of portability of the product. For those pool owners who have a small pool, they are advised to use the pool cleaner quite less. Also in some instances, it is recorded that while carrying out the debris from the pool, some amount of the dirt is often released back in the swimming pool. This can create issues in the quality of the clean up process.


Hence, this pool cleaner ensures greater durability as well as reliability to the cleaning process of the swimming pool. Though it is considered to be heavy in weight and can create problems while shifting it from one place to another, it often helps you to enjoy most of your time inside the refreshing pool waters than leveraging all your energies into the working of the clean up process.