Pool cleaning is the most tiring and hard working job which is carried out by the owners through various pool cleaners that are available in the market. The Dolphin Oasis is one of the best automatic pools cleaner that are present in the market with the lot of salient features that makes the cleaning very easily and in a short span of time.


Through Brushing – As a lot of algae as well as bacteria forms in the swimming pool, therefore, it becomes quite important to brush the walls of the swimming pool. These specialized automatic pool cleaners will help you get the best experience of your life through properly brushing out all the walls that remove all the dirt from the swimming pool.

3 Year Warranty – It comes as a great package cleaner that will remove all the debris and the leaves from the pool. The 3-year long warranty helps you to check out the proper functioning of the Dolphin Oasis Z5. It also enhances all the effective operations of the pool.

Dual Motors – Another great feature of the pool cleaner is that the dual motors that are often considered to be a great option to clear all the pool debris in an effective manner. The motors perform a superb function of clearing out the accumulation of the wastes in the most innovative manner. It also propels in a great amount of spot cleaning in the manner that will help you to easily evade out all the necessary things.

2.5 hours Of Cycle Time – Depending upon the requirement of the pool owners and the amount of dirt that is already presented inside the pool, the cycle time is extended in a much better way. Also, the cycle time ensures that a proper functioning can be done in the most innovative manner.

Pros and Cons

Light In Weight – One of the most important advantages which are promised through the robotic pool cleaner is that it is very light in weight.  As a pool owner, you don’t have to invest into the hard work while cleaning all your potentiality. The design is prepared in such a way that it can help you descend down through the surface and will ensure that all the work is done in the best manner.

Affordable Price – Another great advantage that is associated with the pool cleaner is that it is quite affordable and well in budget. The prices of Dolphin Oasis Z5 are very well maintained and therefore it does not create any big hole in your pockets and give you quite a sensational experience so that you can carry out your task in the most awesome way.

Saves Time And Energy – You don’t have to work for the longer amount of time and can also get to save all your energy as well as time. The time which is taken to carry out the process is very less consuming and will help you to get yourself easily solved.

Clever Cleaning Scanning – The scanning process of the Dolphin helps you to clearly check across the pool surface that whether the pool is clearly cleaned or not. It also helps you to identify whether there is no dirt or debris inside the pool. One can very easily remove all the dirt that is present across the pool.

The disadvantage of Dolphin Oasis Z5 as a lot of customers have recorded is that it does not have a great drain height that will create a lot of problem in terms of the suction of the pool. The customers often find the drainage problem while removing the dirty water from the filter of the pool cleaner and also give you out the most important aspect.

Another problem which the customers have experienced while using the product is that the shallow end of the pool is often left unclean and does not cause any kind of cleaning to the pool in the most effective manner. The remote that is an exclusive feature does not operate well.


Hence, the robotic pool cleaner works really well to remove any kind of large dirt or the debris from the pool. The great features that are promised by the pool cleaner ensure that the cleaning of the pool is carried out in the convenient manner. The double motor of the pool makes it quite clear that the working is done in the most promising manner. The cost-friendly prices ensure that the product works really well as per your own convenience and budget. The brushing of the scrubs also makes the effective cleaning.