Purchasing a pool for your home is not an easy task; it’s more like buying the vehicle and checks the properties that each pool provides to its owners. As per the convenience, budget and need of the owners they buy the different types of pools.

fiberglass pool

However, the pricing differs from one pool to another as per the features and accessories that are being added during the installation. There are different types of pools and the most preferred one is the fiberglass pool that is quite convenient and easy to use.

What Is The Cost Of The Fiberglass Pool

The fiberglass pool cost solely depends upon the kind of features. As well as specifications that each pool is offering to its users. There are different kinds of packages offered by retailers depending upon the kind of requirement the pool owner have to buy a particular kind of pool for their homes. The cost of the fiberglass is also dependent upon the following mentioned.

Fiberglass Shell. Some people only buy the fibreglass shell for their use as per the demand of their requirement. Though the costs of installation of the pool can be quite more. But as per the perspective of buying the products as well as components some people try buying this kind of things quite individually. Whereas some people prefer to buy these things as a whole. The prices also vary with the shipping of the products, the kind of filter system which is being employed by the owners for their pools.

Size. On the basis of the size of the pool and the fibreglass the prices vary. As the small fiberglass pool has a costing of about $10,000 to $ 19,000. Similarly, the cost of the medium and large fibreglass pool is somewhere between $13,000 to $20,000 and $15,000-$27,000 respectively.

Installation Costs. Again there are variation in the installation costs as per the location, region and type of installation that is required for the pool. The basic form of installation of the pool requires an installation of the shell, excavation, pool water etc. Sometimes the pool demands the concrete patio which automatically will lead towards the change in the cost of the pool.

Some people also like to give the turnkey installation wherein everything will be looked after by the project owners i.e the professionals who will bring their own materials and will cost you accordingly.

Fiberglass Pool Covers

Another most important aspect on which the costs depend is the kind of pool cover that are planned to install. It is often observed that the pool cover is a must to have accessory whether it is a pool made out of vinyl material or fibreglass. Hence, the pool covers act as an extra component for the owners. There are different kind of fiberglass pool covers.

cover for fiberglass pools

Automatic Pool Covers. One of the most convenient and easy to use are the automatic pool covers the ones that are quite expensive in nature. As these pool covers offer a larger durability and stay for a longer period of time. The cost of the covers somewhere range between  $ 5,000 to $ 15,000. This adds on the cost of the pool and increases your budget.

Standard Pool Covers. If you go for the most simple pool covers then the cost will be quite low as they hardly cost anything. So the people who are buying the automatic covers will have to bear extra cost for the pool as compared to the one who is going to buy the standardized pool cover. Some owners also buy the safety pool covers and can still be having a lower budget.

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Lightening is another essential aspect that gives out the aesthetic sense to the pool. Most of the pool lights are cost with a price tag between $700 to $2000. However, the LED lights are in trend nowadays and a lot of people prefer using these lights. They are not only durable and save a lot of energy. This ensures that the pool will not have to suffer any problem of electric shock or face any kind of electric accidents.

As compared to other pool lights the LED lights are a bit on the expensive side and can cost a little more to the pool owner. Therefore again it adds up to the budget issue of the pool owners wherein one can buy the light as per the availability of money. Therefore the price differs from one person to another in this case.

Water Treatments

One of the major thing that has to be kept in mind while determining the cost of a fiberglass pool is the fact that the price of the water treatment required in different kinds of pool makes the costing quite different. At one point the pool owners use their own hands for the cleaning. Whereas in some cases the pool owners prefer to change the habit of doing the work individually and rather seeks to a professional help.

In most of the cases the professional help turns out to be more expensive than the task done through the individual level. Even the chemicals that are being used can have a different costing all together.

Some people also prefer using waterfalls and custom water features to enhance the beauty of the pool. Some of them also use various pool architecture by implementing the fountains. This in a way helps in the strengthening of the beauty of the pool. At the same time these equipments will cause an add on to the costs of the pool .

Heating Equipments

Another most important equipments that cause the extra pay to the fibre glass pool is the use of heating generators. The vacuum as well as pump can cause the extra payout to the costs of the pool. The heat pumps are basically used for the electric shock treatment to the waters. The vaccum as well as the filter is used to clean out the impurities from the pool which in a way ensures the safety and health of the swimmers.

Therefore, the cost of the pools can’t be deduced on one factor rather it changes as per the use and addition of the equipments. One can also make the price lower by reducing the use of quality of equipments. And can also increase the costs by using different kinds of the equipments in the pool.