With the end of summer season it‘s time to cover your pool to protect it from the frost, hailstorms and the deadly winterwaves. Many pool owners might have already made up their mind to cover the pool to protect it from the chilly weather. For those of you who have still not made up their mind on what kind of cover they should buy as per their budget, its high time now to take the decision.

pool cover

A pool cover is basically a beautiful accessory that helps in providing the protection and gives safety to the pools during the winter season when it is not much in use. Almost all kinds of covers have the power to conserve the water by preventing the process of evaporation.

There are different kinds of pool covers that are available in the market. As per your budget you can buy the pool covers as they have different kind of costing.

Standardized Winter Covers

The most common type of pool cover is the general winter pool cover that helps in keeping out the sunlight as well as extra debris that is available in the pool. These covers are generally made up of materials like tarp that can easily be held down with the water bags. They are quite economical and suit everyone’s budget. The price range generally is from $75-$225. But as these covers are light in weight they might cause the problem and can only be used once a year. Apart from it they are very simple in approach and do not look aesthetically good to the senses.

Security Covers

Most of the owners use this kind of pool covers for their inground pools. These covers looks like a tampering pool and have the spring strips.They are made up of concrete material while some of them are also made up of a mesh kind of material. It is one of the effective pool cover and is helpful in keeping out the materials like leaves and heavy loads of snow which keeps on falling during the temperatures are low.

Apart from it such kind of pool covers doesn’t even require any kind of pump or high pricing equipments to install. These covers range between the price of $1200-$3000.Though a little high in price yet it is costing superbly well as per the kind of safety it is providing to the pools.

cover for fiberglass pools

In the same feature there is another type of pool cover which is available in the same cost. It is the solid vinyl security cover which is used for not allowing any form of water getting passed through it. This thus ensures the sanitation as well as clarity of the water.

Even during the spring season when the pool is going to removed from the cover the water will be safe and clean to used before the filtration process. The best thing about these kinds of covers is that unlike the standard winter covers this security covers last almost for several years ranging from about 6-10 years. Hence one should always opt for such kind of pool covers to ensure the safety of the pool during the winter season.

Automatic Covers

Another most effective form of covers used to protect the pool is the automatic pools. These  covers come in different forms and are quite useful. The two major benefits of these pool  are that they act as a great cover for the solar protection.

Another important function that this kind of pool cover performs is that they offer the constant protection towards any kind of entry of the foreign materials inside the pool. Such as the leaves or any kind of debris that contaminates the pool. As these pools are coming in various layers therefore they help in the cleaning of the pools ensuring the cleanliness.

These pools are generally made up with the vinyl material that can be also used even after 5 years and it will produce the same kind of effect. The automaticpool cover cost of such kind of pools is slightly towards a higher sector and can create a big hole in your pockets. But they are necessary to have to ensure proper safety of your pool. The automatic pool covers have a price range between $5000-$15,000 depending upon the size of the pool and the type of material with which the pool cover is made.

What is the most noteworthy fact in this kind of pool cover is that it can be removed only after a longer period of time unlike the other kind. The replacement cost for such kind of pool covers is quite expensive. On replacement they can leverage a huge amount of cost for its maintenance.  Apart from it they might also heat up the water inside the pool due to their quality of acting like a good solar cover.

Hence, each kind of pool cover hasits own positives andnegatives. What makes it different is the cost of such pool covers. Each pool cover has a different costing and therefore as per your convenient budget you can buy a cover for yourself.