There are lot of basic mechanisms that makes the sand filters used for the filtration of the pool to have the reverse water flow of the sand. Over a period of time the sand inside the filter tends to get contaminated inside the system. The filter system gets blocked due to the particles,dirt,and oil in the swimming pool. The filter system has 6 types of settings in the system. Another time when your pool requires the filter to be backwashed is especially when the leaves are fallen or a very strong storm full of dust and filth in the atmosphere has just taken place.

It has also been observed that during the vacuum process in which all these particles gets collected together in the filter are the main reason behind getting it blocked. The proper functioning of the pool tends to get hampered and affected due to all these things. If the filter is overlooked then chances are there that the dirt and clogging will ultimately lead to getting it spoiled. That will eventually lead to the stoppage of the filtration process making all these contaminated things back in water. That’s why the pool becomes poor place to swim.

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Backwashing a pool is therefore very necessary as it has been observed that after some period of time the filter used to clear the sediments of the sand starts getting clogged. The water flow also starts getting declined and the pressure also gauge to rise above from 8 to 10 psi. It is very necessary to clear the filter from contamination and therefore the backwash of sand is important. There are various ways to change the sand in a sand pool filter that can help in the backwashing. This also helps in maintaining the pool with proper hygiene and cleanliness. Through the help of backwashing the dirty waste can be easily eliminated out with the reverse flow of water through the filter.

What is important is the fact that as the backwashing process requires the removal of water. Therefore it should be kept in mind that there are no chemicals to be added to the water before the backwashing process.

Step 1 –Place The Pump To Backwash

Always make it a routine once a week to backwash your pool for the maintenance and safety of it. You can also look for the backwashing if the pressure gauge has drop down. First turn off your pool pump for the process before setting. After turning it to the off position the pump in the backwash option so that all the settings are done in an appropriate manner. Also once in a month you should clear the lid of your filter in order to remove the leaves from the filter basket. You can also wash the basket and place it on the filter.

Once the changes are set you can start the process of backwashing. Keep in mind that the filter valve handle should be locked in a proper manner. As it remains open most of the time and leads to dirt to assimilate within the filter so while doing the pumping process it should be closed. So that no extra dirt can enter inside the pool leading into the blockage inside the cartridge filter.It is also noted that a sand filter usually have a multiport valve which is the sole reason to put the pump off as there are lot of ways through which the particles can enter within during the backwashing activity.

Step 2- Keep A Constant Watch On Your Filter

As per the pool’s size and quantity the backwashing generally takes place an approximate time of at least 3-5 minutes in order to get the process complete in a proper manner.You should constantly keep a watch over the lid of the filter throughout the process.Also as in the pool filter the sand particles reverse out the flow of the water with the swirling process.Once you will find the water inside the filter free from all the particles and the water becomes clear you should turn off the pump.

Step 3- Properly Rinse The Filter

Once the pool pump turns off the first thing you should do is to turn the handle of the pump properly making it get rinse in an appropriate manner.After it you can turn the swimming pool filter and can get it rinse for about 30-45 seconds. Through rinsing the filter one can easily get the clean water across the pipes and through it. The leftover particles will easily get clear off thus preventing it to enter inside any of the swimming pool. Apart from it the silica of the sand also gets settle down at the bottom of the filter’s surface. Once the rinsing process gets over you can turn the pump off.

Note that during the rinsing process the skimmer valves should be preventing the flow of water from entering inside the pool. During this process the chances of pool water getting again contaminated is quite at large.Make the skimmer valves resealed and the hair catcher which are present inside the skimmer valve to capture the fallen hairs full of oil in the swimming pool should also be properly rinsed in order to eliminate any kind of extra oil that seeps in the hair catcher surface causing it to smell very filthy and pungent. Rinse the hair catcher too very nicely and let the basket dried in the heat of sunlight to avoid the germs as well as the contamination caused due to the hair falling upon the hair catcher. Seal the hair catcher once the rinsing and drying up process is over.

Step 4- Go Out For Water Filtration

Once the swimming pool filter is backwashed you can place the filter position and can easily turn your pump. Let the pool is again be refilled with the water. The fresh water can have a proper balance inside the pool. You can also add the necessary chemicals that are required for the pool to have complete safety and maintenance.

You should keep the backwashing process constantly going on during this step. But remember to keep the pump off and on as and when required.After this you can repeat the process of cleaning and rinsing of the pump.Once it gets rinsed again conduct the refilling step for the water level to stay in an appropriate manner.

When To Change The Sand In A Sand Pool Filter

As per the thumb rule and the statistics the sand inside the pool which is used for filtering the pool water should be constantly changed in accordance to the amount of particles that are quite frequently present in the pool during the peak season. It has been observed that the backwashing of the sand should take place approximately for at least once a week or twice a fortnight so that the contamination should not take place.

As the clogging inside the pool filter tends to make the pool an unhygienic place to stay and enjoy the waters. Therefore keeping a strict check over the sand filter is a thing that the pool owners should do. Another important time when one can look after towards changing the sand of the filter is during the pressure gauge which if drops down. The nominal should be immediately changed and as per the suggested measure the sand should again be refilled inside the filter after conducting the proper process of backwashing and dirt removal.

While changing the sand inside the filter is a very effective method to prevent the dirt to accumulate inside the pool. But what is advisable is the fact that if the dirt is in big amount and it is quite difficult to eliminate the dirt from the pool then the entire filter should be easily removed as it is a waste to conduct a backwashing process.The negative aspect of the sand backwashing is that it requires a lot of water which needs to be expelled out during the process thus leading to wastage of water. Therefore it is advisable to have a look out towards the change in the colour as well as the quality in the water so that lesser amount of water is reduced.

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