People who are having pools must have faced problems such as algae in pool or green pool water. These algae are basically the creatures that grow very rapidly under the  sun in  the swimming pools that are  exposed to direct sunlight as these creatures carry out the scientific process of photosynthesis and thus makes their own food and grow very rapidly. Due
to them the pool often turns green causing contamination and health hazards.

algae in poolIf the pool care is not done properly then chances are there that the algae can rapidly grow and occur overnight. Though the algae does not harm the people in the pool but it contains bacteria carrying harmful pathogens causing ill effects on the health of persons in the pool.This is the reason people don’t like to use a pool with algae.

Therefore it is always advisable to maintain a proper sanitation and filtration in the pool in  order to prevent algae in swimming pool. There are a lot of other sources through which an algae can enter the swimming pool like the wind, heavy downpours of rain or sometimes through the people who enters into the pool. If in case your pool water is green due to the presence of algae then you should adopt the following methods on how to get rid of algae in pool.

Identify The Algae

The first and foremost step/method is to identify the algae in your pool according to which the treatment of algae is performed on various types of algae.

One of the most common type of algae making the pool turned green is the green algae. It can grow over waters, walls  etc and easily make your pool lost all its charms as well as clarity. It can very easily be removed through the cleaning and the circulation method. It is noted that if the green algae is not treated well then it can find its breeding grounds at the bottom of the pool surfaces causing your pool turning into a pool of swamp.

The yellow algae or often known as the mustard algae is found in the shady areas of the swimming pool where moisture and dampness prevails in extreme level. It can also be seen floating over the swimming pool thus making it look filthy and unwanted. It is very essential to remove a mustard algae from the pool.

Another most difficult algae to remove from the pool is the black algae. Since this algae has a predominant roots therefore it becomes quite a challenge to clean algae from pool. It is usually a nightmare and can grow within the shaded areas and can very rapidly turn your pool into a black surface.

Pink algae is actually fungus that starts growing within the cracks, cervices and corners of the pool. It appears in the form of pink spots or reddish surfaces in the swimming pool. This algae spreads very slowly and is confined only to certain areas thus the elimination of  removing algae from pool becomes much more easier.

Go For Chlorine Shock Treatment As Algae Killer In Pools

Whenever your pool water is green then chances are that there is a lack of chlorine in the pool water. In such a scenario you need to give a shocking treatment to the pool with the huge amount of chlorine. This is one of the most effective method through which you can kill algae. This treatment generally takes at least 1-3 days depending upon the conditions of the pool.

It is noted that there are different amounts of algae like green, brown, yellow, black etc and according to the  amounts of algae the chlorine shock is provided in the swimming pool. For eg if there is black algae then the pool requires a quadruple shock wherein as per the galloons of water in the pool the quantity of shock will increase 4 bags each. It is observed that a black algae is one of the hardest algae that can be dealt with and it becomes very difficult to get rid of black as well as mustard algae.

Brush The Floor Of Swimming Pool With A Mop

Another most important method to clean algae from pool is to undergo rigorous brushing through the help of a mop. While the in ground pool can be cleaned through a steel brush mop the vinyl pools require a use of nylon brushes. Through the brushing method one can easily get algae out of pool and clean the green pool fast. Be cautious while using the brushing treatment and make sure that all the algae is removed from the pool, hence chances of the returning of algae are quite possible.

Floc Treatment To Clear Up A Green Pool

The floc treatment is one of the best treatment that acts as a pool algae killer and kills the algae. Through a chemical Floc or often known as flocculant you can settle the algae at the bottom of the swimming pool and then through performing the easy process of vacuum you can kill algae.

Steps To Conduct  Floccing Treatment

  • First of all shut off your multiport valve through which the water that is flowing from the filter could be stopped. After this mix the chemical and water.
  • Add the suggested dosages of the chemical in your swimming pool. The chemical comes both in the powder as well as in the liquid form and should be added as per the size of the pool.
  • Let the water circulate for about 2 years so that the chemical can easily mix into the whole water and then shut off your water pump to let the chemical remain in the water for overnight. This will help the chemical to easily bind the algae in swimming pool. In the morning you will be able to witness a huge white cloud at the pool’s bottom.
  • At this time you need to bring your vacuum cleaner and by turning the multiport valve of the filter you can easily get algae out of pool. This is the process on how to clean green pool faster.
  • Keep the garden hose ready to the pool as a lot of water is being eliminated through vacuuming process therefore the garden hose can very easily replace the dirty water with the clean water.
  • Very slowly vacuum the bottom of the pool and whether you have brown algae or yellow algae it can very easily removed through the process.
  • Once you are finished with the process of vacuum make sure that you undergo a double shock treatment of chlorine so that again the algae is not grown.

Go For Algae Killer For Pools

Though the algaecides are just a preventive measure that should be used throughout the pool season to remove algae from swimming pool yet there are some of the effective algaecides that act as a pool algae killer like the copper as well as silver algaecides. These are one of the best chemicals that kill algae. They should be added to the pool in large quantities and should be mixed along with the chlorine shock treatment in swimming pools. Apart from it as a preventive measure one can also constantly use these algaecides in smaller quantities once in a week.

Some of the algaecides that are known as poly quats can also help in removing excess algae through causing a foaming treatment in the water. Hence a white algae  as well as a mustard algae can easily be killed through the use of these algaecides. One can easily buy these pool algae killers online.

Check The pH Level Of The Pool

Another method is to keep a constant check over the pH level of the water as algae are mostly effective in the alkaline solution which is the basic reason that the salt water pool is green. The pH level should be between the range of 7.4- 7.6 . If the water level is well balanced then one cannot have green pool water and can enjoy throughout the pool season.

Apart from following the methods to get rid of the algae it is also advisable to follow certain precautions throughout the pool season inorder to avoid the formation of green pool water. Water Temperature, Sunlight, PH level of chemicals are some of the important factors on which the algae thrive upon the pool. Therefore one should always maintain a constant check over these things as well to ensure that there is no algae.