With the coming of the winter waves and the autumn it’s time to close your pool for the next season. But before closing it is necessary to winterize the pool in the most effective way. The main aim of winterizing a pool is to provide safety to the pool due to the damage caused by the freezing water. Another important aspect to winterize is to make the above ground pool clean and safe for the next season and also helps in the improved performance of the pool. Properly winterizing the pool makes it hygienic when it is again opened during the scorching heat of the summers.

close an above ground pool

What is noted is the fact that the pools are also winterized in the warm conditions too as it can prevent the accumulation of the sediments of the salt due to high alkaline state of water and also helps in preventing the growing of the algae. Apart from this the winterizing of the pool also helps in reduction of any kind of accidents that can occur in the above ground pools. But one should follow proper steps of winterizing in order to get good result as for the above ground pool has a different method of closing as compared to the inground pool.

Here are the relevant steps on how to winterize an above ground pool and through properly following it you can make your pool crystal clear and shining for the next season.

Step 1: Check Ph Balance Of The Water

The very first step in the process of winterizing above ground pool is to check the alkalinity, calcium hardness levels etc. It should be properly balanced as it helps in managing the safety of the surface of the above ground swimming pool from any kind of etching or the staining problem. One can also add a winterizing chemical kit that can help in making the water of the pool blue as well as clear for the next season. But one precaution to be followed is that the instructions provided by the manufacturers should be followed in a proper manner. This should be done one week prior to the closing of the pool.

Step 2: Give A Chlorine Shock Treatment To Your Pool

Give a chlorine treatment to your pool and bring the chlorine level to normal. Once it is done then add the winter algaecide chemical to the pool. Check the level of chlorine as high chlorine levels can affect the action of the algaecide as well as will also create a bad impact over the winter cover of the above ground swimming pool. Once the treatment is done through the help of chlorine shock then immediately the chlorinator should be removed from the pool.

Step 3: Remove All The Essentials From The Pool

After checking the chlorine level and the shock treatment you should remove all kinds of solar blankets, chemical feeders as well as the skimmer basket from the pool as it impacts the pool and leads to the hygienic concern. One should also remove the plugs, the sand filters too should be hosed and backwashed in the proper manner. It should also be rinsed thoroughly and can be rinsed with a spray.

Step 4: Reduce The Water Level Below The Skimmer

Through letting some of the water in the pool with the help of the air pillows inorder to let the air comes in to keep the water fresh it also supports the cover of the pool. During winters the water freezes and also expands to a much larger level. This can very easily damage the plumbing system as well as the walls of the pool. Therefore it is very necessary that the level of the pool water should be below the skimmer and will not harm the pool’s fittings and the conditions.

Step 5: Cleanse Your Pool

As cleaning is very important therefore it is necessary to clear the water as well as brush the walls and floors of the pool. Try brushing out all the algae and dry leaves as well as silt that piles up due to the formation of clusters of salt as it contains high alkalinity. You can cleanse the swimming pool by filtering process through using a proper filter and with the help of the vacuum you can easily ease out the waste so that there should not be any kind of contamination left in the pool.

Using a chemical clarifier to make the water crystal clear is one the best option that should be tried out while cleansing the pool in the process of winterizing it.

The clarifier helps in the cleaning of the surface tile in a more appropriate manner and also try to remove all kinds of oil and scum that can add up to the contamination of the pool during the winter months. One can easily buy the chemical kits of winterizing and similarly according to the size of the above ground pool the quantities can be checked by the people.

Step 6: Draining Out The Water Through Heating As Well As Pump

After the cleaning process what needs to be done next is to clear the pool from the extra water through using the blown out system. It has been see that during the winters as the temperature falls top almost zero degree the water if left in pool will freeze down and can cause the problems to the plumbing settings as well as crack the hoses. Therefore you should also disconnect hoses from the skimmers and filter.

After that you should use an air pump compressor or can also buy a vacuum from the retailers specialized in providing good vacuum cleaners for the above the ground pool closing. You should add a plug in the line that is coming from the wall outlets. One thing that needs to be kept in mind during this time is that a threaded winterizing plug should be used so that there should not be any water in the lines during the winter season causing problem.

Also if you are using any kind of cartridge filter system then you should immediately clear the water. Almost all the filter systems contains plug in the bottom and you can very easily remove the plug thus draining all the water. What is advisable is the fact that you should remove the filter during the winter season and should keep at a warm location. Also at this time of the year you can repair the vacuum pump of the pool for any kind of maintenance.

Step 7: Close An Above Ground Pool

While closing above ground pool for winter it is necessary to place an air pillow as winter covers for closing in the centre of the pool. The best air pillow that should be used for an above ground pillow is that of vinyl pillow that helps in absorbing the pressure from the water that is left below the skimmer. It also prevents the pool from the pool walls as during winters due to rain, dry leaves as well as excessive rains destroy the pool and makes it stagnant for the next season. Simply cover the pool to ensure that it should not be damaged.

close an above ground pool

The cover should be very tight and should not be removed from any kind of storm or strong winds. Instead of using the grommets one should always look for the cable to make the cover stay firm, strong as well as tight. The air pillows should be inflated below with either a leaf blower or a vacuum. Also remember that if the pool is large then it requires two or more air covers as they prevent the ice from breaking inside the pool and causing anykind of harm.

Another kind of cover that can be used to keep the pool safe and secure you can use a mesh kind of safety cover for winterizing above ground pool. Through this mesh cover during winter the water can easily seep into the pool but ensures to make the large chunks of debris and the dry leaves out of the pool making it remain clean and filtered. At last what needs to make sure is that to keep the water bags on the cover so that it cannot be destroyed from any foreign destruction. After this you can be assured that the cover will not move beyond for the winter months coming ahead.

Therefore you can very easily conduct the winterizing of the pool through following the above mentioned steps and can get the benefit of a clean and safe pool once the summers are return. But you should also follow few precautions that are suggested to avoid any kind of mishaps or accidents and get the method of winterizing with best results.