Looking for an inground pool cleaner? Cleaning pool is one of the most boring jobs ever. What if the best pool cleaner comes for your help? As a customer, anyone of us would prefer to buy one of the top-rated pool cleaners. Here is one of such cleaners you might need to know. So check out the review of Kreepy Krauly 360048 and find out its amazing features.

Features of Kreepy Krauly 360048

Swivel Design: Whenever we look at any product, the first thing we notice about it is its design. If the design is pretty attractive, we check for other features. This pool cleaner’s design and the look is eye-catchy and pleasing. You will definitely love its elegant look.

Wider Intake: You will find many inground pool cleaners capable of removing small debris but such pool cleaners fail with large debris. What makes our Kreepy Krauly 360048 one of the top pool cleaners is its wider intake and dynamic suction. Hence, cleaning is carried out effectively for larger debris too.

40 Feet of Hose: Small pools don’t create many problems as large pools. For cleaning large pools, you may often require an extension. But the best thing about this pool cleaner is that it comes with 40 feet of hose. This means that it can easily cover any large pool up to 40 feet. So now you don’t have to order extra hose sections to clean your large pool.

Pros and Cons

Zero Maintenance Cost: You will be pleased to know the fact that it easily attaches to your pool’s existing filtration system; which results in no need of buying any expensive booster pump. It is efficient pool cleaner as no part of it requires repair or proper maintenance. Its durability and reliability make it a money saving machine.

Greater Cleaning Coverage: It has been redesigned for greater cleaning coverage from the water line to the pool bottom. It is able to clean walls, bottom lines, steps, tile lines and floor of your pool more efficiently in order to give them a rich look! It’s effective cleaning helps in saving your valuable time too.

Easiest Setup: Due to complex and puzzling design, often most of the beginners find it very difficult to setup the inground pool cleaner even with the help of a guide. But in the case of Kreepy Krauly 360048, you don’t have to worry about its setup. Simplyput it together and you are ready in just 2 minutes.

According to the feedback of few customers, it has been noticed that a powerful pump is required to achieve a peak performance. You may not find suction power strong enough resulting in an average performance. Another drawback is that sometimes it might leave certain spots in the pool untouched. You must understand that it is not 100% perfect.


This pool cleaner is durable and efficient as it requires no maintenance at all. Due to its high quality performance and user-friendliness, it is considered as one of the top cleaners. Hence you can blindly rely on it for cleaning your pool. Buying this pool cleaner for any medium-sized pool is recommended.