The Vacuum Cleaner that collects thedirt and the unwanted material from the swimming pool with very less interference from humans is an automated Pool cleaner. The automated pool cleaners are called “Kreepy – Krawly” in SouthAfrica. The Pentair GW9500 Great White is an inground pool cleaner. Not a speck of dirt can hide from this machine.

Features of Pentair GW9500

The bristle brush design easily loosens the dirt from the floor and removes the debris for a quick and thorough cleaning. The Great White Cleaner is suitable for the Dish – Incline and Hopper bottom swimming pools. There is a dedicated vacuum port for the vacuum line which is more efficient in vacuuming large or small debris.

Spot on Cleaning – the Pentair pool cleaner uses UniDapt Handle Telepole Adapter which allows us to manually steer the cleaner towards the stubborn spots. This steering navigates easily around the pool obstacles and provides the best cleaning possible.

The Great white also features an adjustable regulator. There is a free flow valve that ensures you have control over the speed. This cleaner also comes with vac-door fitting. Which means we can hook up to an existing dedicated vacuum line and the machine is ready for use. The Pool cleaner can be simply hooked to the vacuum line and it starts cleaning. Assembly is not required for this machine.

The 15 – inch cleaning path can virtually clean any surface – like gunite, fiberglass, tile, cement and vinyl pools. It scrubs and vacuums really fast.

Pros and Cons

The Great White pool cleaner is a silent killer. It produces minimal noise. The most obvious noise that you will find will be from the pool pump that you are using.

The navigation is very easy as it uses UniDapt handle Adapter that allows you to manually steer the cleaner towards unrelenting areas of dirt. Also the programmed navigation helps it to avoid potential obstacles.

This is a comparatively simple pool cleaner. As in there are fewer parts that are likely to break which is a huge bonus.

The cleaner is popular for its 15 –inch head and bristle drive which can be used on simply any kind of floor and the dirt is gently scrubbed away without causing damage to the floor or to the walls of the inground pools. There is a dedicated vacuum port available to hook up the vacuum line for the maximum efficiency in clearing away all kinds of debris.

The flip side it that like most of the other cleaners, it needs a curved transition from floor to wall and spends most of its time cleaning at the deep end.


Pentair GW9500 – The Great White Pool cleaner is one the best rated cleaners. It is affordable and a simple pool cleaner that can be connected quickly and can be operated equally easily. There is minimal interaction required and the job of cleaning the pool is done much faster.