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The Road to success depends on the state of health, wellness and fighting spirit. We all know that good health allows us living life to the fullest, and also helps us to overcome all its difficulties. Also, problems arise during their studies, and it is a complicated relationship with their peers, as well as monetary issues of learning.

Bestpooladviser provides information about the various pools and other related instruments. Swimming and water procedures improve the overall tone of the body and helps you to relax, so it impacts positively on our body.

Therefore, as the supporters of a healthy lifestyle and sport, we want to help students to receive an award in the amount of $500. It applies only to those students who wish to be beautiful, happy, have healthy habits and striving to be better every day.


  • Undergraduate/postgraduate students are all eligible.
  • International students are also eligible to apply.

General Terms of Participation

You need to create a unique creative 500-1000 words article of the impact of a healthy lifestyle on your learning process (at school, college or university), on your classmates and on your life as a whole. Determine and expand the topic why healthy living is so important and it is the necessary task for life.

How to Apply

Write an inspiring essay (volume of content 500-1000 words) in *.docx, or *.pdf  formats

Send your entry to

Make sure to include your:

  • Contact information: Full name, Phone, Address
  • Educational institution name
  • Document that confirms your personality


The final date for submission is September 30, 2017

The winner will be chosen in October 2017 and will be contacted by email

Have a question? Please email us at

We look forward to reading your submissions!