One of the most common issue faced by pool owners these days is that the pool water is cloudy which in turn hampers the safety of the swimmers in the swimming pool causing problems such as swollen eyes. It also causes short filtering cycles that requires a proper cartridge cleaning. It is a very time consuming process to clear a cloudy pool. It has been observed that sometimes within an overnight‘s time a pool becomes cloudy. One have to gain the complete knowledge on how to clear a cloudy pool before letting people entering into the pools and facing the health hazards.

why a pool is cloudy

What Makes A Pool Cloudy?

It has been observed that the lack of proper balance among the pool chemicals makes the pool water cloudy. This is due to the high alkalinity, chlorine as well as pH level balances etc thus leading towards the contamination of water. This is the reason that the pool having the salt water due to high alkalinity will have more chances to get cloudy and contaminated.

Faulty Filter System

Quite often it has been noted that the filtration problems is the main reason that causes cloudy pool water. It is essential that the filter should atleast run for about 8-10 hours regularly on daily basis. Failing to this the water in the pool becomes stagnant leading towards contamination and turning it to be cloudy .

Shocking Of Pool

Another most evident reason for the cloudy pool is the fact that after the chlorine shock in the pool it tends to get cloudy and after sometimes the pool water gets clearer on its own. But the filter should be constantly running at such time. Also what has been observed is the fact that the cheaper shocking chlorine that is brought at low prices are the main reason that creates cloudiness in the pool water.

Environment Around The Pool

As the pools are specially in the open therefore the atmosphere as well as the environment around the pool is one of the major reasons that can cause a pool water to be cloudy. For eg the rains that carry bacteria and viruses to grow algae in the pool, the swimmers who often tend to be the carriers of the bacteria in their body thus contaminating the pool, birds etc.

Poor Circulation Problems

Often for the inground pools the shape is such that it promotes the dead spots as well as leads to be the breeding grounds of algae. As the circulation is very less the clarity of the water is often back flowed which ultimately leads towards the clouding. One should strongly ensure the heat distribution and the chemical flux in these kinds of pools to solve the problem of murky pool.

How To Diagnose A Cloudy Pool

It is very essential to diagnose a cloudy pool before starting the treatment as sometimes wrong treatment can also be the reason of cloudiness appearing again and again in the pool.

As algae growth, body wastes of the swimmers, moulds etc in the pool makes it green and cloudy it should be the first phase of identifying the growth of bacteria within the pool. At this instance only the swimmers should stop entering into the pool and the treatment to clear the cloudiness should be immediately started.

The color of the pool becoming green and brown are the indicators of mineral problems as well as presence of algae that leads to the frothy water conditions.

With the help of a specialized pool kit one should undergo a test for the cloudy pool and check upon the chemical hardness as well as pH. Also if there are signs of low chlorine then it means that the water is being contaminated and therefore requires a treatment that can either be done through the flocculant process or by using the clarifiers.

How To Clear A Cloudy Pool Water

After knowing the prime causes that makes a pool cloudy it is essential for you to look towards the solutions that can help to clear up a cloudy pool. Here are numerous ways through which you can get pool water clear.

Pool Clarifier Should Be Used

It is very important that you should use a pool water clarifier at least once a week which is one of the best cloudy pool water remedy and is also quite important. Through the help of pool clarifier one can help in binding the small particles that cause the clouding. Once the particles are binded together they form the big particles that can easily be removed through the filter.

One can easily  get these clarifiers from the retailers that sells swimming pools chemical substances. In this way you can get a crystal clear pool water.  One should look towards the use of Nano stick pool clarifier which helps in the oxidization of the pools for more than 3-4 months and the treatment can be repeated quarterly. The clarifiers that contains polyacrylamide or polyelectrolyte as their active ingredient are the best clarifiers that can help in the collection of these small particles and coagulate well without loosing its effectiveness as well as elasticity.

Pool Floccing Treatment

Another most important treatment that can be done is through the use of the chemical flocculant that helps in clearing of the pool at a very fast rate. Within few hours it can transform the murky pool water into crystal clear. Though it functions quite rapidly it engages a lot of hard labour and intensive workforce. It also requires a lot of time and energy to get the pool clean.

The chemical substance assembles all the small particles that are circulating within the swimming pool and then settles downwards at the bottom of the pool. All the particles causing the pool to be green and cloudy forms at the bottom which can easily be suction out through the use of a vacuum cleaner.

It is seen that unlike a filter the flocking treatment clears the pool with the help of a vacuum. Through the help of a manual pump all the particles that were settled down are easily pumped out.

Remember that an automatic pump cleaner cannot be used for this process as they will blow up all the particles causing the pool to be dirty. Also while you are using the vaccum you should make sure that the filter is having the setting on the waste and also during the cartridge filter the drain plug should be easily removed before using it.

Also as this process will engage into a lot of water loss one should have a provision of the fresh water constantly coming into the pool. Though the process engulfs a lot of wastage of water as well as energy yet it can help you to get the pool water clear within 24 hours and is one of the rapid process.

Brushing Treatment

Another method that can be employed upon the contaminated pool water is the brushing process. One has to vacuum as well as brush up the sides of the pool constantly so that the algae and green debris should be removed from the sides of the wall. After this the filter should be runned for about 8-12 hours that can help in removing the particles that might be just floating upon the water. One should keep in mind that if the filter is malfunctioned then it should be immediately be removed.

Hence if you ever faced the problem of cloudiness in the pool don’t give up rather try the above mentioned guidelines and get crystal clear pool water.

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