Best Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews: 1-6 Person Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs

Are you looking out to have a relaxing spa treatment in the backyard of your home? Buying a top rated hot tub is a wonderful option to experience the fun and enjoyment. If you are looking to have a sun bath experience during the cool breezes opt for a hot tub and relax your senses.

What is important to have a hot tub bath is to get the warm waters that will make yourself soothe and comfortable. Everyone has their own preferences and choices depending upon the budget, features as well as the designs of these hot tubs. Today there are a variety of portable hot tubs that are available in the market. We are able to review one of the best hot tub as per the specifications and services each of them are offering to the consumers.

5 Top Rated Hot Tubs

Coleman Lay-Z Review

Coleman Lay-Z

This amazing Z Spa hot tub gives out a very hot water bath treatment. You can enjoy the pool party like experience with your peers and family with this inflatable tub. The bubble jets that are surrounded with the tub will pamper your soul and will give you a very awesome experience.

The Features

This hot tub has to offer a great variety of versatile experience with amazing calibre and extravaganza. With about a massive heating system and a massage therapy the water filtration system too helps to choose this hot tub for your pleasure and the senses.

  • Convenient Valve Drain: For the purpose of great water filtration and the cleanliness of the water there is a convenient valve that is attached which strongly drain out all the water which is not suitable for the tub.
  • Digital Control Panel With Rapid Heating System: With the coming of the digital age everything can be automatically controlled with a five minute auto lock system, child safety panel and has the capability to raise the water temperature very quickly.
  • Integrated Water Filtration: The filtration system is used to clean the water with extra filters that operate automatically once the heating system is started.
  • Mosaic Pool Liner: The tub is having a cushioned pool liner made up with the mosaic material.

Pros and Cons

Owing to its speciality and so much positives this hot tub by Coleman are the ideal choice for the people to choose it out as the speciality.

  • Easy Installation: The installation of the hot tub is very quick and easy that will rapidly increase the temperature of the tub. It is very convenient and makes you relax.
  • Digitally Controlled Pump: With a digital panel everything is controlled automatically with the help of the control panel. The pump is digitally controlled with a soft panel.
  • Rapid Burning Temperature: The spa mat allows you to quickly heat the hot tub with the insulated ground mat.

Some of the disadvantages that can be experienced as reviewed by some of the buyers are that the heating system is sometimes not heated well. The most common issue that is faced by the people are that they have to replace the control panel.


Hence, the Coleman Lay-Z is having great amount filtration system with a chemical floater that will help in the elimination of the chemicals. The heating system with a spa pump will be durable and is very cost effective.

Intex Pure Spa Portable Jet Massage

Intex Pure Spa Portable Jet Massage

Simply pamper your soul with a rejuvenating spa treatment through this hot tub. It will give you out a bubble full jet treatment and will make yourself refresh and jovial. The spa is very innovative and has a touch panel that will give you a very happening experience.

The Features

  • Replaceable Filter Cartridges:The best specification of such kind of hot tub is that it has simplified filter cartridges that will help in the replacement of the filters as and when required. The water treatment system helps in making the water soft and easy to use.
  • Insulated Lock And Cover: To ensure the warmth and to prevent any kind of leakage of the warm water it comes up with a proper insulated lock as well as the cover that will help in the prevention of any kind of debris that might fall inside the hot tub thus making it contaminated. The insulated lock helps in keeping everything hot and with all kinds of heat treatment.
  • Convenient Plastic Cover:The plastic cover of the tub sets the control panel with the help of the digital framework.
  • Floating Pool Chlorine Dispenser: The pool clean dispenser ensures to maintain the chlorine levels and will help in the stable chlorine levels inside the pool.

Pros and Cons

The Intex Pure Spa jet message hot tub has a lot of advantages and can be a best choice if you are strict in budget.

  • Affordable And Cost Effective: These hot tubs are very cost effective and are well priced. They can be an economical option for those who are not having big budgets in mind.
  • Easy To Use Control Panel: Another advantage of the hot tub is that it is very convenient to use. The control panel has the capability to raise the 4 high powered instant jet setting 120 massaging jets that will increase the capacity of the jets and will raise the temperature of the hot tub.
  • Highly Durable: As the hot tub is constructed with the fiber tech material it is very durable in use and can be used to sustain for a longer period of time. The interior of the tub is made out of a 3 ply thickness that will make the tub stronger from inside.
  • Great Hard Water Treatment System: The hard water treatment system ensures that there is no sediment that makes the system clogged and cleans the drainage.

The major problem that is looked upon by the potential buyers with this product is that it takes approximately 36 hours to get the water heated with an inflatable floor which sometimes gives out a very poor impression on the buyers. Also, the leakage is another trouble faced by some people.


Hence, you can easily buy this hot tub if you are a small family of 4-5 people since it does not offer a wide sitting platform.

Intex Pure Spa Portable Bubble Massage

Spa Portable

How soothing it is to have a massage and hot water bath surrounded with thousands of bubbles that gives you relaxation as well as piece of mind. The bubble therapy is considered as one of the best therapies in the world today with so many bubbles dwindling you all around within a fully integrated system.

The Features

  • 120 Bubble Therapy: One of the greatest features of the portable hot tub is that it is very strong and productive in giving out the 120 high powered integrated bubbles as soon as it is started.
  • Easy To Use: What is effective is that it is very easily installed and can be used for longer amount of years owing to its speciality with the fiber tech construction.
  • 3 ply Laminated Material For Thickness: The interior of the hot tub is made out of the 3 ply laminated material that will impart a steady support as well as ensures the safety of the people. It helps in keeping the hot tub warm.

Pros and Cons

  • Customized Tub: The best thing about this hot tub is that it is much customized in respect to the availability of the space as well as the requirement of the customer. Also can be easily used both indoors as well as outdoors as per the recreational arena.
  • Soft Cushioning: Unlike the hard plastic approach this pool has a very soft double cushion that will give you out a very pleasant experience.
  • Easy Built in Water Treatment: The water treatment is very sturdy and gives softness in water. The pump will also have less wear and tear of the process.
  • Easy Care Tub: The hot tub is very easy to clean and use with the help of the floating chlorine dispenser as well as requires low maintenance facility.

The drawback of these kind of hot tubs is that it does not have a proper seating system that will help the owners to get a cosy experience. How ugly it will look to have a spa with a seat less hot tub.


It is made with a very strong framework of a 3 ply thickness material that will help in the puncture resistant experience. The fiber tech beams will provide a strong firmness and thickness. The 120 bubbles will simply enhance the experience of your life.

Best Way Lay-Z-Spa Miami


Are you looking out for an option to make your love life a romantic one with full of spark then it is a perfect option for the couples to buy the Miami inflatable hot tub. It is great option for the family as well as loved ones to enhance their relationship. If you are planning to buy this hot tub then do consider the following features and specifications.

The Features

  • Premium Inflatable Spa: The spa experience that is offered by the hot tub is very exclusive and also very convenient to avail. It is made up with a lot of advanced level innovation that will make your experience amiable and quite amazing one.
  • Reinforced Tri Tech Material: The 3 ply tri tech material which is offered by this tub is one that has a polyester mesh core with laminated covers. The PVC material ensures that the tub should be highly durable as well as customized as per the need of the customer.
  • Rapid Water Filtration: The rapid water filtration helps in the cleaning of the water. The easy to use drain valve will make the water to be refreshed as soon as possible. The system also has certain filter cartridges that will make the cleansing purpose very easy to use. The filtration of the pool is very quick.
  • Extra Air Chamber: Unlike the other hot tubs this spa treatment has an n extra chamber within the top cover that will ensure the temperatures of the hot tub to be warm and hot. It doesn’t allows the tub to cool down quickly thus ensuring that the waters are as per the stable temperature as they ought to be.

Pros and Cons

This Miami Inflatable Hot tub comes out with lot of benefits as well as superb advantages owing to its special features.

  • Highly Portable:The inflatable hot tub is very easy to use by shifting it both indoors as well as outdoors depending upon the kind of weather and the temperature of the location where the spa tub is situated.
  • I Beam Constructed Walls: The tub is vey sturdy due to the construction of the walls that are very durable to use and also gives out a cushioned floor. The I Beam offer proper brightness inside the hot tub.
  • No Tools Are Required: The setup or the installation process is very easy as it doesn’t require much of workforce or any kind of labour intensive work. It comes with a maintenance DVD that helps in offering the guide as well as tips on how to properly use the spa tub. The pump heater, as well as the pipes too can be very easily attached with the system.
  • High Powered 81 Jets Massage Therapy: The rejuvenating and invigorating massage system infuse the high 81 jets that will increase the therapy. The bubbles that will evoke the therapy will increase the effect of the massage and spa giving you a soothing feel.

The disadvantage of the Miami Inflatable Hot Tub is that the filters require cleaning everyday and also requires weekly replacements. Even the cover will be opened and will be splashed out. Some buyers have reported the problem of plastic smell as well as durability.


The Miami Inflatable Hot Tub will heat up to the temperature of 40°C. The chemical floater will dispense off the chemicals. The set up is very easy to use and is installed within a time period of 10 minutes. The hot water massage can be experienced with the help of a digitally controlled panel. The 81 jets infuse more bubble and cleansing therapy.

Intex 79In X 79In X 28In PureSpa Portable Bubble Spa Set

Portable Bubble Spa Set

One of the best purchase for those who are looking for a comfortable experience with high durability and very convenient to use. Not only the construction but the temperature too is very suitable to give you a very sensible feel as well as approach.

The Features

  • Puncture Resistant: The spa is highly stressed free experience and also does not offer any kind of feasibility of puncture. There is no leakage of water. The fiber tech construction will help you out and is resistant towards all kind of problems.
  • Adjustable Heating System: The heating water system will help you out to adjust your temperature of the hot tub as per your own suitability. The temperature will make you set the degrees as per the range that is required for your convenience. The water temperature will also be according to the range that is easy for you.
  • 2 Easy To Replace Filters: The filter system that is used is very effective and also be replaced very conveniently without any kind of cleaning problems. The pump as well as hard water treatment will make sure that there is no blockage in the drainage system. It will also not produce any kind of clogging.
  • Insulated Cover And Lock: To ensure the safety and the energy loss the cover is highly insulated and is also having proper system to secure the hot temperature. It maintains the lock and cover with high resistance and portability.

Pros and Cons

There are several advantages that is offered by the intex pure spa portable bubble spa:

  • Easy Installation: The installation of the hot tub is very easy and can be used for various purposes. The thermal ground cloth insures that the temperature are properly warm and gives out the heating effect. The cloth will ensure that there should be no debris inside the hot tub.
  • Floating Chlorine Dispenser: The chemicals that maintains the cleansing purposes and also manage the chlorine levels inside the pool spa tub. It helps the cleaning of the tub from any kind of contamination or algae formation.
  • Very Portable: The hot tub is very movable and can be used to conveniently move from one location to another as per the requirement and suitability of the hot tub owner.

Though the tub is very convenient but it also has a lot of drawbacks that sometimes makes it a second choice. The tub takes several hours to get heated and sometimes it almost takes 12 hours. Also as soon as the bubbles start developing the spa temperature start coming down making it difficult to avail the treatment for a longer amount of time. The durability of the hot tub as compared to other hot tubs that are available is also quite less.


The functionality of this pool spa is very durable and can be very economical for those who are seeking out for the option of something very cost effective. The bubbles as well as the installation process is quite beneficial.

What Is The Best Hot Tub?

All the top rated hot tubs have a great variety of specifications as well as features that makes it an ideal option for the buyer to consider each point.

  • Digital Control Panel: The control panel is the major attribute that will help you buy the tub for your usage. The models that are offering these points should be very convenient to use.
  • Hard Water Treatment: Another important thing that should be kept in point is the spa tub that is offering the complete water treatment which is very essential to remove all kinds of blockage and clogging.

Hence, the product Coleman Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub is the best hot tub if you are having a good budget while if you are looking for economical option then go for the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub.