4 Types of Swimming Pools: Inground & Above Ground Pools

Are you planning to install a swimming pool on your residential property? But before finalizing one you should get some knowledge about various types of pools along with their advantages as well as disadvantages.

Above Ground Pools

The above ground pools are those kind of pools that are made up of fabricated kits. These pools require an installation by professionals. Though some people try installing these pools all by themselves but for the first time an experienced person should always be called for installation.

4 Types of Swimming Pools - Above Ground Pools

The best rated above ground pools are constructed by excavating the depth level where the pool has to be installed. As per your convenience and requirement you can check the depth of the pool. Then an outer wall to support the pool is constructed either through the help of some metal or with the help of some plastic and in some cases people prefer using the wood.

After this, the sand is placed in the people and afterward leads towards the plumbing fittings. Once these things are done the vinyl liner is placed over the pool walls. All kinds of pump and filtering systems are then done. After this, your pool becomes easy to use.


The best option for owners to install a pool is to have the above ground pool. It is the best option to have a cost effective pool. It is much more economical as well as cheap for people who have a restricted budget. Another good thing about this kind of pool is that it can very easily be built in a short span of time. Apart from it if you want to remove the pool this can be done in a very easy manner.


As with advantages, the disadvantages come along with a pool. Therefore, the above ground pools are less durable as compared to other kinds of pools. They are also not too fascinating due to their low budget they don’t come into many designs. They are also very less attractive to people.

Fiberglass Pools

Another kind of pool that can be installed in your home is the fiberglass pool. These pools are made up of fiberglass reinforced with plaster. This plaster is molded in the basin.

4 Types of Swimming Pools - Fiberglass Pools

In order to install the fiberglass pool one needs to seek professional help. A hole will be dug by the professionals to fit in the plaster mould which is made up of the glass material. After this one can start with the plumbing system and then along with it the sand will be layered out in the pool.

Once the sand filler is installed after it the structure of the pool will be dug slightly lower. Then you need to back fill the pool with the help of the plumbing use. The material which is used to surround them is the concrete material. The decking is done as per the customized and the personalized designs provided by the owners for such kind of pools.


These pools have a lot of advantages as well as positive points that can make the people employ such kind of pools inside their home. They are not labour intensive and require very less amount of workforce for its maintenance. The surface of these pools have gel pores that can help in the removal of algae. As it helps in the removal of algae it is quite effective too have the pool hygiene perfectly managed as well as the health of the people too will not get affected.

Even the chemicals that are used in high amounts to sanitize the pool will not be used by the pool owners for this pool. The surface of the pool is quite abrasive as well as kept smooth. Even the installation of the pool can be quite easy and convenient as compared to other pools that require high maintenance as well as installation fees.

The cost of resurfacing the pool too is not required by the owners for several years thus ensuring the long life of the pool. In terms of chemicals that are used one just needs to spray them in much smaller quantities.


Though these pools are quite amazing in the case of installation they are confined in the designs. Not many designs are available in the market for the installation of the pool. Apart from it, there is also the width restriction of the pool. They are about 16 feet in width. The repair becomes expensive and a costly affair.

They are also not too appealing to the senses as the aesthetic value of the pool is concerned and can create a lot of disharmony to the senses. Even the cost of repairing the fiberglass pools is very high and can cause a hole in your pocket. So if you plan to have the fiberglass pool installed in your home you should think twice in terms of your budget.

Vinyl Lined Pools

A kind of inground pool the vinyl lined pools are having the same structure as that of a above ground pool. But when it comes to the installation of such pools it differs from the initial.

4 Types of Swimming Pools - Vinyl Lined Pools

The vinyl lined pool are constructed with the help of the crew that digs in the ground and then assemble it with the help of metal, plastic or for that matter can also go for the perimeter track made out of the wood. The process after this becomes quite similar to the above ground pool where the sand will act as a surface for the bottom to be hold in a proper manner. This secures the lining of the pool and then the gaps are properly filled with the water.


As per the costs of designs of constructing the in ground pool, the vinyl lined pool is much cheaper and cost effective. The size as well as shape of such kind of pools can easily be customized and made personalized. There is no kind of limitation or restriction in terms of designs. Even the surface of the pool is quite smooth to the touch and is non-abrasive. The best thing is that these pools don’t require or foster the growth of algae on the surface.


The lifetime of the vinyl lined pools is quite less as these pools can only last for about 7-15 years and can also become a costly affair due to their short lifespan. It always costs high to replace these pools in order to install a new one. Even the costs that are leveraged to backfill the water turns out to be on a higher pedestal as compared to the costs of other. The resurfacing of the pools is just approximately 20-30 mil and it requires several sheets of paper to replace it.

Poured Concrete Pools

These are the kinds of pools that are built with the help of concrete material. These materials are poured through which they are being made.

4 Types of Swimming Pools - Poured Concrete Pools

These pools are constructed with the help of a crew member who can very easily make a hole for the fitting of the plumbing settings. Then the concrete material will be poured with the help of a spray. After a week it gets settled down and then only the final finish i.e the smoothness of the pool is applied over the pool.


These concrete pools as per their materials can easily be made into any kind of shape as well as size. The depth of the pool is full of flexibility and durability. There are other inground pools too but these pools appear to be quite artistic as well as pretty as compared to other pools.


The disadvantage of the concrete pool is that the renovation requires a lot of costs. It can also attract the algae growth inside the pool which can lead to ill effects. As the Ph of the shell increases in the pool, the water will become quite cloudy in nature. Even the surface of the pool requires a lot of cleaning as well as brushing of the pool.

Apart from these pools, there are large types of pools like the gunite pool, which are quite popular in the US. These pools are in great demand. As observed a lot of pools are relied upon their plumbing and filter systems. Some pools can also be semi in ground as well as salt water pool.

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