5 Best Pool Filter Reviews: Sand, Pump & Saltwater Systems

Having a pool at home is one of the most important accessories these days. Though it adds elegance and glamour to your house, it is very important to have the pool maintenance at regular intervals of time in order to avoid any kind of durability issues and health hazards.

Therefore, it is very important to buy a top-rated pool filter for cleanliness purposes.

If you are looking out to buy a good quality pool filter for your pool then it is advisable to undergo proper research and study the versatile products that are available in the market.

We have brought out the best pool filter systems as per their features and specifications that they are offering to the customers hence solving the problems that are often faced by the clients.

5 Top-Rated Pool Filter Systems

Hayward S244THayward S244T$$$4.5
Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter PumpIntex Krystal Clear Sand Filter$4.5
FilterSand Master Soft Sided Above Ground Pool Sand Filter System$4.5
Pool Pump System 4500GPHPro Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump System$$4.5
Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater SystemIntex Krystal Saltwater System$4

Hayward S244T ProSeries 24″ In- Ground Sand Pool Filter

Hayward S244T ProSeries 24

The self-cleaning system of the filter helps a proper efficient working and prevents the backwashing. It is made up of durable corrosion proof material as well as is considered to have a top performance. The system also enhances the rapid winterizing of the pool. This is the best filter system for the inground swimming pool and works very proficiently.Check Price on Amazon

The Features

  • Integral DiffuserThe presence of the integral diffuser helps in the even distribution of the water in the filter. Also, it helps in the rapid winterizing of the salt filters owing to its large pressure.
  • Automatic Air Relief: The filter is having a very unique feature of automatically air relief system that eliminates all the air that is blocked inside the filter and can create problems during the water filtration process. All the air that is confined should be removed out.
  • Corrosion Resistant Tank: The grey colored tank is highly corrosion resistant and is made up of polymeric material that brings out productivity and prevents any kind of leakage from the filter.
  • Site Glass: To check that the process of cleaning and water filtration is taking the proper method you should look out for the placement of the glass site. It helps in checking that no backwater process has taken place and the water is filtering out properly.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy Installation: It is having a very convenient set up and can be installed with a proper manner. A proper installation manual to comes in handy.
  • Convenient Service: The servicing process is very easy. The inspection covers help in the cleaning and access to internal parts.
  • Less Amount Of Time: As compared to the cartridge filters, it simply takes 5 minutes to clear out the debris and other things.
  • Super Pump: The pump is highly durable as well as efficient. They offer a properly balanced as well as durable flow.

The disadvantage of the product as experienced by some of the trustworthy customers is that though the product is very good yet it is not suitable for the intex above ground pools that require a slightly bigger size of the pool cleaner. Apart from it some of the customers have noted that it can be dangerous for those who will not handle it carefully and in a proper manner. Still it is good for those pools that come with a small size.


​Hence, the Hayward S244T is highly preferred and also is easily available by the inground pool owners as well as suppliers. For cleaning purposes, it is specially designed and can be cleaned very effectively. Read More Customer Reviews on Amazon

Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Review

Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter

The above ground pool can be very easily and softly cleaned that gives a refreshing appeal to the senses. The amazing features that are offered by the pool filter helps in maintaining a cleaner pool. Check Price on Amazon

The Features

  • 24 hour Auto Timer: In order to ensure the proper maintenance of the pool the sand filter is having a 24 hour auto timer feature that enables the functioning of filtration throughout the day.
  • 6 in one Control system: The simplified control system handles 6 different functions of Filtration, backwashing, rinsing, recirculation, draining and close system.
  • GFCI Breaker: To manage the safety and prevent from any kind of electricity shocks it is having a GFCI Breaker system which is fully integrated and immediately shuts off as soon as there are any chances of electric short circuits etc.
  • Easy Keypad Locking System: The easy to set up keypad locking system helps in maintaining the safety as well as the security of the pool filter. It ensures that there should be no chances of any keypad settings.locking system helps in maintaining the safety as well as the security of the pool filter. It ensures that there should be no chances of any keypad settings.

Pros and Cons

  • Water Filtration Is Excellent: The filtration process is excellent and gives out a proper cleaning to the pools.
  • Natural Sand: The unique thing about the filter is that it uses natural sand for the filtration purposes unlike other filters.
  • Easy Cleaning: The strainer basket gives out a hassle free experience to the pool owners. It also prolongs the life of the filter thereby ensuring that it functions for a longer period of time.
  • Quick Installation: The installation of the filter is very easy and quick in time that prevents the long hours of set ups. If you are someone who remains very busy then this product is quite ideal for you. It also requires very low cost of maintenance as compared to other pool filters.

One of the most basic drawback of the Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter is that sometimes along with the algae as well as the dust particles that are floating over the pool, they can even extract some more clear water.


The sand filters are the best way through which the pool can be remained clean and very well. It ensures that with a cost effective solution the pool should be properly maintained. Unlike the cartridge filters that are cleaned and replaced after every 2 weeks or a fortnight, these sand filters are replaced only after 5 years. The control panel and keypad locking system makes it an ideal choice over other filters. Read More Customer Reviews on Amazon

Sand Master Soft Sided Above Ground Pool Sand Filter System


A perfect choice for those who are having side pools. As the name suggests it is indeed a master of all the pool filters in terms of affordability and durability. It is quite simple to be installed and is very beneficial to use.Check Price on Amazon

The Features

  • Rust and Corrosion Proof Tank: The specialty of the sand filter system is that it is having a tank which is rust as well as corrosion free. It prevents the destruction of the filter and has a prolonged life cycle. It can very easily hold about 42 lbs of sand and have a multiport valve attached to it.
  • Powerful Pump: Another important attribute of the filter is its powerful pump that can strengthen the functionality of the pool in the most effective as well as unified manner. The pump is of the capacity of 20 GPM 115V pump. It also enhances the powerful efficiency of the system. The motor of the pump is very effective to use.
  • Necessary Fittings: It includes all the necessary fittings like hoses, nails, filter system etc. Thus the fittings help in the proper functioning of the pool so that the water of the pool can turn out to be crystal clear.
  • Easy Installation: The set up of the filter can be very easily done. It is very convenient to use the filter system and also suits to the budget of different people having different economical stage.

Pros and Cons

  • Cost Effective: One of the prime advantages of the Sand Master Soft Sided Above Ground Pool Sand Filter is that it is economical in nature. Owing to its usability, it is quite suitable for different economic strata of the society.
  • Quick Installation: Another advantage is that it is very easy to set up or install and can be very productive. The installation hardly takes up to 5 to 10 minutes and your set up is automatically kept ready.
  • Longer Durability: Due to the presence of rust and corrosion-proof filter system, the filter system is very easy to use for a longer period of time. It sustains the damage and prevents the filter from getting rusted.
  • Multiport Valve: The 4 position multiport valve helps in the operation of the filter in a very effective manner. It helps in the cleanliness for a longer amount of time. Also, the cleanliness becomes very quick as the debris and other things can be picked from all the 4 positions where the valve is placed. It works very effectively during the back wash process.

The only drawback of the sand masters the pool filter is that though it can evade out all the harmful materials yet it will not be able to eliminate the soil or the presence of red clay if found in the pool water.


Highly suitable for pools up to 96000 gallons of water the Pool Sand Filter System are very ideal for the soft sided pools. It is not only affordable but can be a very promising choice to select out of the various filters that are prevalent in the market. They come with a good warranty of 1-2 years depending upon the model as well as costing of each product. As it can withstand about 42 lbs of sand, it is recommended that it should be used with the manual that comes along with it. This model is one of the best sand filter system for an above ground pool.Read More Customer Reviews on Amazon

Pro Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump System

Best Choice Products

The Pro Above ground swimming pool pump system is one of the effective ways through which the water is passed through the skimmer and is then from the pump. It helps in cleaning the above ground pools. The pool offers longer durability, corrosion resistance and strength. Check Price on Amazon

The Features

  • ETL Certified Mark: The ETL certification to this product offers the solution that it is independently marked as well as has a proper capacity to withstand high amount of water during the filtration process.
  • 6 Multiport Valve: Another unique feature of the pump sand filter system is that it has a 6 positioned multiport valve that will adequately function well. It also ensures that the sand bed has the capacity to make the water level exposed to great levels. It also helps in keeping the pool clean and sparkling, thus giving out the pool maintains the optimum temperature.
  • Thermoplastic Material Tank: The filter pump, as well as the tank, is made up with a thermal protection as it has a thermoplastic material. It can withstand around 110 lbs of water. It gives out corrosion resistance and larger durability to the life of the product. The tank is made up of superior quality.
  • Special Internal Filter System: The special internal filter design helps in keeping the lifecycle of the design for the longer period of time. The sand bed level is consistent due to the filter and also increases the performance of the pool.

Pros and Cons

  • Rapid Winterizing: The winterizing process within the pool takes a short amount of time owing to the combination of the sand drain level as well as the water. The combination also helps in making the winterizing process very easy and convenient.
  • Simple Installation: As the product comes with the feature of 2 in 1 pump as well as filter it is very easy to install and is a very simple set up. The pump is having a seamless connection. It also offers the extended performance as well as sustainability due to its effectiveness. The filter cycles will have a longer period of time. The assembling of the product too is a very quick process.
  • Affordable: Another good advantage of the product is that it helps in the affordability as well as cost effectiveness. The costs of the products are not only very reasonable but due to the low maintenance of the product too it becomes easy to buy a filter and pump system together.
  • Functioning Skimmer Surface: Unlike the other filters the pump and filter system have the surface skimmer system that ensures that there is no growth of algae, leaves or the bed bugs inside the pool. This is the biggest advantage of the system.

The only drawback that some of the customer’s have reviewed is that of not getting the 1.5 HP and instead they receive 1 HP after the pump and filter system is delivered to them.


The product is low maintenance and easy to use filter system that gives the pool waters a very pristine and crystal clear look. It has the capacity to withstand large amount of water and the unique combination helps in the proper functioning of the pool. Read More Customer Reviews on Amazon

Intex Krystal Saltwater System

Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System

The Intex Krystal Saltwater System helps in the elimination of the poisonous chlorine from the water present inside the pool through the easy and effective manner. The bad quality chlorine is easily replaced out through the saltwater system. It offers optimal pool water sanitation and prevents the pool owners from any kind of health hazards.Check Price on Amazon

Features of the Intex Krystal Saltwater System

  • 6 Way Filter Valve: With the presence of the 6 way valve the cleaning of the pool becomes very rapid and functions 6 things like filtering, cleaning, backwashing, rinsing, draining, winterizing etc at a time.
  • Copper Ionization: The distinct feature of this saltwater system is the presence of copper ions that acts as a disinfectant and attack on the harmful algae as well as other unwanted particles present in the pool quite aggressively. This feature makes it all the more powerful as compared to other chlorine pool cleaners.
  • 24 Hour Auto Clock Cycle Check: With the output of 11 grams per hour the saltwater system has the auto clock facility of checking the flow of chlorine from the water at every hour.
  • Filter Pump With A Flow Rate Of 2650 GPH: The filter pump is having a huge capacity of eradicating the water pump with a maximum flow rate of 2650 GPH.

Pros and Cons

  • Eco-Friendly Sanitization Of The Pool: The sanitization of the pool will take a two-way process that is environment friendly in nature. The process is that the salt water system will lead the salt to undergo a natural process through which the sanitization with the help of copper ions will take place. This helps in the protection of the pool owner from the harmful chlorine.
  • Free From Chemicals: The best thing about this salt water system is that it ensures the natural process without any kind of addition of the chemicals as well as disinfectants throughout the process. There is no need of sanitization through the chemicals as the salt water is a disinfectant in itself.
  • Safe To Use: Through it the filtration as well as safety purpose is solved in one way. The process is done in a very easy manner. This ensures the safety of the pool owners from the chlorine that can harm the skin as well as the health of the pool owner.
  • Low Maintenance: This kind of salt water system involves low costs and involves less maintenance as compared to other filters.

The disadvantage of the Intex Krystal saltwater system is that some of the consumers have reported that it can cause the rusting of the pool but apart from it, this is the best solution in the modern times.


The Intex Krystal saltwater system is a perfect solution where either filtration pump does not exist or the pump has stop working properly. Through the automated system, the salt water system operates in a proper manner and ensures that no problem in the working of the pool should arise. It is inexpensive and helps the proper enjoyment for the pool owners and also does not require much of the effort.Read More Customer Reviews on Amazon

What Is The Best Pool Filter?

Depending on the requirement everyone has their own preferences over these multiple pool cleaners and are hence everything depend upon the availability and suitability. Here some of the features that are offered by the pool filter:

  • 24 Hour Auto Timer: The automated system helps the work set automatically without any kind of hassles.
  • Filter Valves: The filter valves are another feature that are quite effective in the filtration process.

Hence, you should opt for Intex Krystal Saltwater System, if you are looking for economical and eco–friendly product for your pool.

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