Does pool pump need to be bonded?

The NEC requires that all electrical equipment, except double-insulated equipment, be bonded together. In addition, all metal within 5 feet of the inside of the pool wall must be bonded with the equipment to form the equipotential bonding grid.

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Beside above, how do you bond a pool pool pump?

Hereof, how do you rewire a pool pump?

Besides, how do you attach bonding wire to a pool pump?

What happens if a pool is not bonded?

If you do not bond your pool equipment there is the risk that the equipment itself will become the anode in a galvanic couple with other metal components in or around your pool. If this happens, the anode metals will deteriorate at an advanced rate, a phenomenon called galvanic corrosion.

What does pool bonding mean?

Bonding is the process by which the electrical and metallic components of the pool are joined together with a wire to form a non-resistive path between the components. The goal of bonding is to connect, contain and prevent the transmission of any harmful electrical voltage to pool equipment, people and pets.

Where should a pool pump be grounded?

Is it necessary to bond an above ground pool?

A bonding grid is necessary to prevent the flow of electricity due to different voltage potentials. When there is a differential in voltage, electrical current is allowed to flow which can potentially cause a shock.

How do you tell if a pool is bonded?

Look for an exposed copper wire attached to the motor and pumps, going into the ground. It should connect in a similar way as in the image to the left. If you live in a municipality, you can also contact the building and inspection department to see if your pool had a code inspection during its construction.

How do you ground and bond an inground pool?

When did pool bonding become code?

Pool Electric Codes

Passed in 1968, the “Swimming Pool Code” applies to new construction and reconstruction, for all equipment in the image above. In other words, all electrical equipment must comply with the provisions of the National Electric Code; Article 680, and not just pool lighting.

Why do you have to bond an above ground pool?

Why do you have to bond an above ground swimming pool? Bonding your pool is a safety measure to prevent accidentally getting electrocuted or seriously injured. You need to create a field around your swimming pool by attaching the bonding wire to the metal deck, pool equipment, metal pool wall, and even the water.

How do you bond an above ground pool pump?

Am I grounded in a swimming pool?

The following types of water MAY ground you: Swimming pool: Yes if you have a salt water pool and the water is in contact with a metal drain pipe going into the ground. Normal tap water in a pool can also be conductive, but again, it needs to be in contact with a metal fixture going into the ground.

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