How do I contact 8 Ball Pool?

8 Ball Pool on Twitter: “@djryanbroad You can also email [email protected] and that will automatically create a Support ticket for you :)” / Twitter.

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Then, how do I contact Miniclip pool?

Miniclip provides free games online and will process your personal information when you play our games. If you have any questions about our data practices, your rights or have any concerns or complaints, you can contact us at [email protected], or send a letter to the address provided in the Privacy Policy.

Besides, who is the owner of 8 ball pool?


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Founded 30 March 2001
Headquarters Neuchâtel , Switzerland
Owner Tencent (2015–present)
Key people Robert Small, President Jurgen Post, CEO Alfreado Hugheseppi, James Keenan

Likewise, how do I report to Miniclip?

3º In the webform select the “Report cheating & Inappropriate behavior” option when selecting the issue field and provide us the following information:

  1. Player´s Unique ID.
  2. Screenshot of the player´s profile;
  3. Screenshot of the incident;

Are Miniclip games safe?

The social networking features are pretty safe, though — kids can add friends, play against them in multiplayer challenges, and send them preselected messages only. Under the CCPA law you have the right to protect your personal information. Make a Do Not Sell request to Miniclip.

What is time in 8 ball pool?

This is how much time you have to take your shot, and is affected by the Time Power of your cue, and also how many balls you’ve potted in that game. You get less time when you’re on the black than when all your balls are still on the table, for example. …

Can I recover my old 8 Ball Pool account?

Yes, you can recover your old 8 ball pool account. However, you will need to provide some information to prove that you are the rightful owner of the account.

How do I report a problem on 8 Ball Pool?

How to report a player using mods or hacks

  1. Go to 8bp Settings.
  2. Terms & Conditions.
  3. Scroll down and find item no. 6, find “If you believe another user is violating these Rules, let us know here”
  4. Tap the link “here”
  5. Submit a request-8 ball pool.
  6. Your email address.
  7. Your user/unique ID.
  8. Select an issue – game related issues.

How do I get a refund from Miniclip?

To request a refund from Xsolla, please do the following: go to and fill in all the requested details. Remember, when performing a purchase, make sure: you are using a strong network connection. you don’t have more than one game account on your device.

How do I stop Google Miniclip charge?

Make sure you are logged-in in the correct Google account where you set up your subscription. 2. In the Subscriptions tab, you’ll find the subscriptions you currently have and will be able to cancel any of them, as you wish. Just tap Cancel subscription and follow the onscreen instructions.

How do I find my Miniclip ID?

If you tap on your nickname, make sure to select Profile on the top right part of the screen. 2. Once you click on it, your Profile Page will pop-up, showing your currency, achievements, total amount of winnings and other details, including your Unique ID.

Are there hackers in 8 ball pool?

Hackers are people who exploit the 8 Ball Pool system. As such, they can make players who pull a shot automatically lose the game, or get themselves cues, currency, etc. for free. It’s quite simple to learn how to simply pin the joke on the hacking opposition, by subjecting them to their own causes.

Who is the owner of 8 Ball Pool game?


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Headquarters Neuchâtel , Switzerland
Owner Tencent (2015–present)
Key people Robert Small, President Jurgen Post, CEO

What is cheto hack?

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