How do I reset my dolphin power supply?

Check that the power supply is plugged in and turned ON. Check that the power cable is securely connected all the way into the power supply. Turn the power supply OFF. Wait 30 seconds, then turn it back on.

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Considering this, how do I turn on my Maytronics pool cleaner?

TURN POWER ON – Press the ON/OFF switch on the Power Supply. The Cleaner will start to operate. Note: Four LEDs will light up in the corners of the switch indicating that the power is on.

Besides, why won’t my dolphin pool cleaner climb walls? My Dolphin Won’t Climb Walls / Gets Stuck

Clean filters: The Dolphin’s filters may be clogged and need to be cleaned. Make sure you clean these filters after each use. Do not allow filters to dry out before cleaning. Deeper cleaning of the filters is also highly encouraged and may be required occasionally.

Moreover, how does the dolphin Nautilus work?

The Dolphin Nautilus (99996323) is a robotic pool vacuum that is capable of cleaning most inground pools. Like other robotic pool cleaning machines, all you need is an electric power source. No pumps needed. This model cleans the floor and walls of pools up to 50 feet across.

How do you troubleshoot a dolphin pool cleaner?


  1. Check that the power supply cable is plugged properly into the power supply socket. Check power to the socket and reconnect Pool Cleaner.
  2. Ensure the power outlet is functioning properly and that it has not tripped the breaker in the fuse box.
  3. Turn the power supply off. …
  4. Unplug the power supply.

Can I leave my dolphin pool cleaner in the pool overnight?

Leaving the cleaner in the pool 24/7 increases its exposure to corrosive chemicals in the water, such as chlorine or shock. Over time, these chemicals break down parts in the cleaner and discolor the cleaner. The truth of the matter is – everyone leaves them in the pool, pretty much all the time.

Can you leave the Dolphin cleaner in the pool?

Can you leave the Dolphin in the water? It is safe to leave your Dolphin cleaner in the water when not in use. However, (when adding chemicals to the pool) please remove the Dolphin until the proper chlorine and PH balance are obtained.

Why is my dolphin pool cleaner not moving?

The first step is to check that the filter basket or filter bag is clean and not full causing lack of water flow. If the filters or bag is overly full this can compromise the robotic pool cleaner’s ability to efficiently navigate around the swimming pool.

Can Dolphin Power Supply get wet?

The power supply is water resistant but not waterproof. Please cover the power supply if inclement weather approaches. Do not leave the power supply in standing water as this will damage the internal components.

How do you take apart a dolphin pool cleaner?

How long is a dolphin pool cleaner cycle?

Each cleaning cycle is 2 hours. If it doesn’t finish cleaning in one cycle, you’ll have to manually restart it. All of that is done with a few buttons on the power supply. Like other cleaning robots with smart navigation, it will take a few cycles for it to map out the most efficient path for your pool.

How do I test dolphin cable?

Testing the cable

  1. Unscrew the two screws holding the front top cover in place, and remove the cover. …
  2. Open the clip that holds the cable in place and remove the cable.
  3. Remove the cable from the motor unit, and unplug the cable.
  4. Connect the cable to the power supply (1) and tester (2).
  5. Switch the power supply on.

Why can’t you use an extension cord with a dolphin pool cleaner?

Do not use an extension cord. In a wet deck environment the risk of stray voltage while small is signicant.

How long do dolphin pool cleaners last?

Generally, you can expect at least 5 years‘ service from your quality robotic pool cleaner. The more expensive units are generally better quality – you do get what you pay for.

How do you test a Maytronics power supply?

Testing the power supply

  1. Connect the tester to the power supply.
  2. Switch the power supply on.
  3. If the tester light is on, proceed to test the cable.
  4. If the tester light is off, check the power socket and AC cable. If they are working, then replace the power supply and proceed to test the cable.

How long is Maytronics warranty?

The Best Warranty in the Industry

Maytronics warrants that your Premier Dolphin pool cleaner will be free from defects in material and workmanship for 3 years. To prove how serious we are about delivering the best-in-class high performance robot, the Dolphin Premier is backed by the very best warranty in the industry.

Why is my pool robot not working?

If your robotic pool cleaner stops moving, check the power cord. It may not be plugged in properly or there may be a problem with the power supply. Check the power supply to make sure the indicator light is on. If it is and the pool cleaner is still not moving, then the problem lies with the cleaner.

How do you test a Dolphin power supply?

How often should I run my dolphin pool cleaner?

Ideally, you need to run your robot pool cleaner daily or at least once a day if you’re always swimming in it. But if you don’t swim in it as much, run it at least once weekly or every two weeks. When you’re using a swimming pool cover all the time, you may wash your pool monthly.

Why is my pool cleaner not working?

When a suction cleaner is sluggish or slow, it’s usually a clogged pump basket or dirty filter that is to blame. Other problems include holes in the cleaner hose, sucking air into the hose, or the filter pump could be drawing in air, reducing water-flow volume.

How do you turn on a Maytronics dolphin?

TURN POWER ON – Press the ON/OFF switch on the Power Supply. The Cleaner will start to operate. Note: Four LEDs will light up in the corners of the switch indicating that the power is on.

How do I test my pool cleaner power supply?

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