How do I start my Pentair pool pump?

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Subsequently, how do you manually start a pool pump?

How to Prime a Pool Pump

  1. Turn the Multiport Valve to Recirculate. This will direct the water into the filter head, and then right back out to the pool.
  2. Remove Pool Plugs. …
  3. Fill The Pump With Water. …
  4. Turn the Pump On.
Just so, how do I turn on my Pentair spa pump? Tap the Home screen Spa icon to display the Spa Pump control settings screen. From this screen tap the Spa Pump button to activate the Spa heat source. A Blue badge displayed on the Spa icon indicates the Pool/Spa pump button has been manually turned on. The Blue badge displays until the pump button is turned off.

Regarding this, why won’t my pool pump come on?

When a pump doesn’t turn on or starts shutting off quickly after it’s started, it’s usually an electrical problem, which could mean loose connections, a bad capacitor or overloaded voltage. But it could also be a jammed motor.

How do I reset my Pentair pool pump?

How do I turn on my pool pump?

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How do you prime a Pentair water pump?

How To Prime Your Pentair Pool Pump

  1. Turn off power to pump (switch and breaker)
  2. Using black 3 way valve, turn off Skimmer (main drain on only)
  3. Remove pump lid.
  4. Fill pump with water all the way to top.
  5. Put pump lid back on.
  6. Turn on Pump.

How do you start a pool?

Your Swimming Pool Opening Checklist

  1. Remove, Clean and Store Your Pool Cover. First, remove your pool cover, clean it and store it away securely. …
  2. Fill Your Pool Up. …
  3. Clean Out Debris. …
  4. Inspect and Clean Your Pool Filter. …
  5. Reinstall Plugs. …
  6. Prime Your Pool Pump and Filter. …
  7. Test and Balance the Pool Water. …
  8. Shock Your Pool Water.

How do you bleed a Pentair pool pump?

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