How Do You Use Regal pool stabilizer?

It prolongs the effective life of chlorine by reducing loss caused by the sun. Sometimes referred to as a conditioner. If you need to raise your cyanuric acid level, you simply pour the granular white powder directly into the pool, at a rate of about 1 lb. per 10,000 gallons, to raise it about 10 ppm.

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Simply so, what is Dy Chlor II?

Totally soluble and quick dissolving, Dy-Chlor II is a stabilized chlorinating concentrate in granular form with 56% available chlorine. The product is effective for use as a primary sanitizer or shock treatment. Quick Dissolving Stabilized Chlorinating Granules. Restores Water Clarity.

Moreover, how often should I add stabilizer to my pool? It does this by stabilizing the chlorine molecule that would otherwise breakdown in direct sunlight. You should only add stabilizer if your levels are below 30ppm. Usually, all you have to do is check the level of stabilizer (cyanuric acid) in your pool every week to judge whether it’s doing the job or not.

Hereof, how do I use Regal pH Plus?

Use Regal® pH Plus to increase the pH of the pool. To lower the pH of the pool, use Regal® pH Minus. Follow the label directions for the proper amount of the products to add based upon test results and pool size. Take a sample of water to your Regal® dealer every 2-3 weeks for complete test and analysis.

Can you swim after adding stabilizer?

You may swim immediately if Stabilizer was added through the skimmer, otherwise wait 12 hours to swim until all product in the pool is dissolved. For pools with bleachable surfaces, such as colored plaster or vinyl, do not allow product to sit on the bottom of the pool.

How long do chlorine pools last?

three to five years

Who makes Regal chlorine tablets?


Item Weight 25 pounds
Customer Reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars 54 ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars
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How much pH Plus do I add?

Add 1Kg of pH Plus per 100m³ of water in hard water areas. The quantity required will depend on the total alkalinity and calcium hardness level of the water. Add pH Plus every day until the correct pH is achieved. This may take time to achieve so please allow 12-24 hours for complete mixing.

How do you add pH to a pool?

To raise your pool pH levels, try adding in sodium carbonate (AKA soda ash). Make sure that you don’t add any more than two pounds of soda ash per 10,000 gallons of water per treatment. When adding in the soda ash, start adding from the deep end of your pool and work your way up to the shallow end.

How do you add pH Plus to a pool?

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