How do you vacuum to waste with a Hayward cartridge filter?


  1. Fill the pool before beginning, and run the hose while vacuuming.
  2. Shut off pump and switch the multiport valve to the Drain to Waste Position.
  3. Vacuum as fast as possible, the water level can drop fast.
  4. Stop vacuuming when the skimmer begins to suck air, allow the pool to refill.

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Besides, what’s the difference between backwash and waste?

Filter Settings

Drain/Waste: Opting the drain or waste setting will remove pool water without forcing it through the filter. Backwash: This clears out any debris, dirt and other contaminants that may have accumulated on the filter.

Then, what does the waste setting do on a pool filter? WASTE/DRAIN: Another filter bypass setting, but this setting sends the water out of the waste pipe (hose), instead of returning it to the pool. This setting is used to lower pool water level or to vacuum to waste, which is best when vacuuming algae or heavy amounts of dusty, silty debris.

Additionally, can I vacuum to waste with cartridge filter?

There’s no way to actually vacuum to waste with that filter. However, Hayward makes a SP0727 diverter valve for it that can be installed so that you can bypass the filter. It installs between the pump and filter.

Do you remove skimmer basket when vacuuming to waste?

Now, here answers the question earlier: do you leave skimmer basket in when vacuuming pool? YES, you need to remove the skimmer or strainer basket before attaching the open end of the hose to the inlet. Finally, plug the open vacuum hose into the suction port.

How do I use my Hayward pool vacuum?

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  1. Connect the telescoping pole to the vacuum head.
  2. Connect the end of the hose to the other end of your pole. …
  3. Attach the vacuum bag to the proper opening on the vacuum.
  4. Turn off your pool’s filtration system.
  5. Turn on the water and submerge the vacuum into the pool.

Should you always vacuum to waste?

How do you set a vacuum to waste?

Here are the steps to vacuum to waste:

  1. Turn off the pump.
  2. Move the multiport valve to the waste setting.
  3. Turn the pump back on. …
  4. Close all skimmer lines except for one.
  5. Close your main drain down to 50%
  6. Set up your vacuum the way you normally would for regular vacuuming.

When you vacuum a pool where does the debris go?

Dirt and debris will be transferred through the vacuum plate and into the pump. It will then move through the sand filter. Depending on the chosen settings, the filter should capture the excess particles. Make sure to backwash your sand filter after you’ve finished vacuuming the pool.

Should I vacuum my pool on waste or filter?

You’ll also need to vacuum to waste when there is a large amount of debris or leaves in the pool, usually at opening. Vacuuming to WASTE can only be accomplished if a multiport valve controls your pool filter system. This position bypasses the filter and sends all the unwanted debris through the waste line.

What does it mean to vacuum your pool to waste?

Vacuum to Waste (Sand, DE or Cartridge Filters with Multi-Port Valves) When you “Vacuum to Waste” you are pumping the debris you vacuum directly out of the pool and sending the water out through the waste/backwash line, and not through the pool filter.

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