How long do semi in ground pools last?

20 years

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Besides, are semi inground pools worth it?

Semi-inground pools offer the best of both worlds. You’ll find that a semi-ground swimming pool is significantly deeper than a regular above-ground pool, but doesn’t cost nearly as much as a traditional in-ground pool.

Moreover, what do I backfill a semi inground pool with? A slurry mix also makes a good backfill. A slurry mix is made using portland cement and plaster sand. The goal of a slurry mixture is to create a backfill that is strong enough to support itself rather than resting against the sides of the pool but can be removed to allow for pool repairs later on.

Additionally, what type of above ground pool can be buried?

Doughboy manufactures the only above ground pool that can be installed completely in the ground.

  • Expandable to 7 feet deep.
  • Faster installation.
  • Much less than the cost of a traditional inground.
  • Lifetime warranties.
  • Any Doughboy pool can recessed in ground.

How long does it take to install a semi in ground pool?

Structurally, semi-inground pools are as strong as inground pools. In fact, semi-inground pools can be submerged completely in the ground. This can be done at a lower price than installing an inground pool. Installation takes about 3-5 days instead of multiple weeks, which is the case for installing inground pools.

How deep can semi inground pool be?

Dependent upon pool shape and size, depth ranges available are from approximately a 36″ shallow end to an 8′ deep end. The pool wall, equipment and materials are like that of an inground pool but competitively priced like a higher end above ground pool.

What is the benefit of a semi inground pool?

Semi-Inground Pool Benefits: Fully insulated wall allows for full bury & will keep pool water warmer longer. Freeform shapes available to give a more custom feel and will tend to allow for ‘challenging’ (long and skinny) backyards. Can be installed as full inground at a lower price than traditional inground pools.

How deep is a stealth semi inground pool?

3/4 in

Is a small pool worth it?

A small pool may not offer the same range of activities that a large pool does, but it still serves a great purpose to your yard. Small pools look great from a design standpoint, and they offer a level of intimacy that a large pool does not provide. They’re perfect for lounging and relaxation.

Can you semi bury an above ground pool?

And for this reason, many people ask, “Can above ground pools be partially buried?” in hopes of receiving the best of both worlds. The short answer is that “Yes, they can!” However, there are some things that should be taken into account if you’re going to go down this route.

How deep can you put an above ground pool?

Pool Depth

Above-ground swimming pools are available in four basic depths: 42 inches, 48 inches, 52 inches and 54 inches.

What is a cocktail pool?

Cocktail pools are sometimes called compact pools (for their size) or spools (for their combination spa/pool function). Cocktail pools, most simply, just look like scaled-down swimming pools, but they can be so much more than just “Swimming Pool, Jr.”

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