How much Clorox do I need for a small pool?


Pool diameter 4 ft 8 ft
Depth of water
6 in. 1/16 cup 1/4 cup
1 ft 1/8 cup 1/2 cup
2 ft 1/4 cup 1 cup

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In respect to this, do I need to chlorinate my inflatable pool?

Chlorine is most effective against pathogens when the pool water pH is between 7.2 and 7.8. That range also provides a comfortable environment for swimmers. CDC recommends checking chlorine levels and pH at least twice per day, and more often when the pool is used heavily.

In this manner, how do I keep my 10ft pool clean?

One may also ask, how often should you change kiddie pool water?

If your children use the pool on a daily basis, empty the water every month. If your children use the pool infrequently, wait a month and a half to two months before changing the water. To keep your kiddie pool safe you must add three quarters of a cup of borax to the water.

Can I put bleach in a kiddie pool?

If a kiddie pool’s water isn’t going to be changed regularly, disinfecting it makes sense, and bleach will work well in that regard. Add only enough bleach to a kiddie pool to maintain chlorine between 1 and 2 parts per million (PPM), and test to ensure proper levels.

Can I put Clorox in my inflatable pool?

Small inflatable or plastic kiddie pools and water slides don’t have the same protection against germs that a swimming pool, hot tub, or water playground do. That’s because it is unsafe to add germ-killing disinfectants, such as chlorine or bromine, to the water in kiddie pools and water slides.

How long after adding bleach to pool Can you swim?

Liquid chlorine — In general, it’s a good idea to wait at least four hours after putting liquid chlorine in the pool. The size of your pool and the amount of chlorine added does play a factor in this, too. Once your levels reach 5 ppm or lower, you’re ready to swim.

How do you keep a kiddie pool clean without draining?

5 Methods for Keeping a Kiddie Pool Clean All Summer Long

  1. Skim the Pool to Remove Debris. If you treat a kiddie pool like a miniature version of an in-ground or above-ground pool, its care is easy to master. …
  2. Use a Small Pool Portable Vacuum. …
  3. Get a Pool Filter. …
  4. Sanitize with Chlorine. …
  5. Cover the Pool When Not in Use.

How do you keep an inflatable pool water clean?

Top Ways to Keep Inflatable Pool Water Clean

  1. Clean the Pool After Any Splash. For a pint-size pool, this is obvious. …
  2. Skimmer Nets. If you own any pool, you understand the need for a skimmer net. …
  3. Cover the Pool. …
  4. Personal Hygiene Is Key. …
  5. Aqua Brooms Work. …
  6. Try Scum Bags.

What chemicals do I need to maintain a small pool?

To maintain a safe and healthy swimming pool, you need to keep your pool chemicals at the following levels:

  • pH: 7.4 to 7.6.
  • Alkalinity: 100 to 150 ppm.
  • Calcium Hardness: 175 to 225 ppm and 225 to 275 ppm for plaster pools.
  • For Chlorine or Salt Water Pools: 1 to 3 ppm (I recommend you keep it at 3 ppm)

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