How To Drain A Pool The Right Way

During the winters, it is necessary to close your pool to prevent it from the cold and frost of the snow that will harm its surface. In order to protect the atmosphere of the pool, it is quite necessary that the proper procedure is followed along with the need of protecting the environment at the same time so that the pool water can very easily be drained out.

The owners have to be quite conscious while draining the water out from their pools as apart from the water it is also necessary to cleanse out all the chemicals that are present over the pool water. Especially from the storm sewers as they might just block the sewers.

The best way to start with the water draining is to conduct a dechlorination process through adding the tablets at least 2 to 3 weeks prior to the draining of the water. In order to get the assurance that the water that will pass through the sewers is free to use without any kind of chemicals that enter inside the sewer.

Salt water pools require a large amount of drainage due to the presence of natural development of chemicals. These pools should be drained out with a household sanitary sewer or should be done through the help of a professional hauler who will very easily remove these chemicals from the salt water pool.

A lot of people across the world are unaware of the fact that the water that flows with the chemicals across the grates is not going to be filtered and the remains of it will create blockage due to the accumulation of the chemicals. As these chemicals will directly go inside the rivers and pools across the water bodies, it will create a large threat to the fish as well as the marine life. There are chances of the sea animals getting killed due to this. Thereby it becomes our soulful duty to protect the environment and the atmosphere around us safe and eco-friendly.

Draining An Inground Pool

The main objective that the owner has is to keep their pool neat and tidy so it could have clear crystal water. As with the coming of cold season the draining of pool is required at a much larger way a lot of people drain out the water in the wrong manner.

It is best to call a professional to handle the issues of draining of water. If you want to carry out the activity on your own due to restricted budget, you should be very careful to conduct the process. If the process is not carried out in a proper manner then there are chances that it might just get wrong functioning and can cause a lot of damage to the pool as well as to the environment of the pool. The repair of the pools can be quite an expensive affair to deal with. You should always check the regulations of the pool in a proper manner in order to ensure safety to the pool and its condition.

If your inground pool is made up of concrete or granite material then it is quite easy to drain it. You can empty the pool through the suction pump or a vacuum that will take away large chunks of water in one go. Through opening the hydrostatic valve that is present inside the pool you can very easily drain out the water. Check out the main drain in the pool and locate where the valve is exactly placed. You can buy a sump from any pool material retailer shop in your budget.

You can also use a hose to drain out the water with pressure from the pool. The hose can be connected with your yard’s sewer pipe so that the water can be directly evaded out in a short span of time. If there is any kind of problem faced during the drainage you can immediately remove the pump and call a professional for the same as it can save the time.

Another thing that can be looked out is that if the pool is made up of vinyl material then it should be noted that it becomes quite a challenging task to clean or drain the water. As these pools are quite heavy in weight and can have large support framework they can accumulate the big amount of dirt and dust inside the pool. This can cause utter difficulty to get the water drained or cleaned. It makes the lining of the pool fragile and vulnerable to attract cracks in the pipes and lining of the pool.

You can get a sump pump by renting it out from any of the nearby retailer shops and can connect it with the draining pipe. It will help in the building up of pressure through which the water of the pool will be easily drained out. Even if the pool water is removed it is not a good idea to get it remain dried as it will begin to show the signs of getting cracked from inside the pool. It is always advisable that these pools should have the small water amount even if the winter season is going on in order to prevent the damage of any kind.

The next type of inground pool is the fibreglass pool that should never be attempted to get drained without seeking any kind of professional help. It is a dangerous task to start the cleaning of such kind of pool all by yourself. The fibreglass pool is having the water throughout the year. It is advisable to get the pool drained through calling a pool exterminator. The trained professional checks the level of the groundwater in a proper manner. They ensure that the pool is not getting the poor shell life and even the shell should also not shift if the water inside the pool is drained.

Process Of Draining Of the Pool

The first thing that needs to be checked while draining different kinds of pools is that the capacity of the pump should never exceed the capacity of the sewer pipe during the process. Also, if you are attaching any equipment inside the sewer should be treated as contaminated and can be used only for the same kind of purpose in the near future.

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to shut off the power switch from the filtration system so that there should not be any influx of current of any kind. Never forget to switch off the electricity plug while draining the water from the pool. Next thing to do is to locate the port that will be attached to the sewer line and needs to be properly cleaned out. It has been observed that the pool is somewhere located inside the front side of the home.

The port is having a rubber or a threaded cap that is properly fitted by the plumber. You should start running the sewer hose from the line that will automatically suck the water from the submersible connection which is fitted from inside the ground. The maximum discharge amount that is accepted is 12 gallons per minute. After you properly drained the water you should refill the water again as the sunlight will take it away if the capacity is not properly maintained.

Always remember that if you are not certain that whether you should opt out for the drainage of water all by yourself, you should go out for the professional help who will leverage the exact measures in terms of getting the water of the pool properly drained out without any kind of problems.

Precautions To Follow While Draining Out The Water

Look out for a proper plumber who can check upon all the fittings that are necessary while removing out the pool water. The swimming pool water should be directly attached with the sewer line in order to remove the water in a proper manner. If the sewer line is not directly attached with the pool, check for other methods of the sanitary options inside your home.

Therefore, when you are looking out for option of how to drain a pool for both the inground or the salt water pools you should be very cautious. Always remember that anything that you do is not according to the expertise that you are having will ultimately lead towards the wrong and damage that should be done.