How Much Does A Hidden Water Pool Cost

Pools across the world are different in size and type. As per the need and requirements of the pool owner, there are various kinds of pools that are available on the market. One of the special kinds of a pool that is prevalent in the market is the hidden water pool. It is basically a pool that is hidden when it is not in use.

Unlike other kinds of above ground as well as in ground pools, the hidden pool can be undergone on the patio while it is not getting used by the owners. These pools are quite symbolic to the poise and elegance of the pool owner and give a very startling impact to the exterior of your home thereby filling it with a lot of simplicity and at the same time modernity.

It is a patio that can easily be transformed into the form of a pool as soon as the button is pressed by the user. In it, the water from the reserve will start pouring within as soon as the surface will descend down and take the form of a pool. Similarly, while you choose to close the pool then automatically the water will evade away thus giving you a chance to hide your pool.  As per the requirement of the owner the depth of the pool can be adjusted accordingly as it will create a proper balance and gives out a positive impact on the psyche of the owner.

The best advantage of having a hidden pool is that you can very easily get the pool in your home into the similar area of the patio and use as and when required. The cost of hidden pools solely depends upon the size, design, customizability, packages offered by the contractor etc.

What All Things Are Included To Construct A Hidden Pool?

The diameter of the pool is required to be at least 18 feet and the submerging as well as taking out the water will just take at least 2 minutes to get the pool constructed or hidden. As the pool is stored beneath the ground, therefore, the water inside the pool will offer moderate temperature throughout the season. You cannot install fancy and artistic slides, boards etc to the pool like the other kinds of the pool.

Though these pools are quite beautiful and can be very advantageous yet for the long run they can be very expensive and could be costly as compared to other kinds of pools. The sole reason is that the maintenance charges of these pools can be very much owing to the costs of the chemicals as well as the tools that are required for the pool. Since the pool is hidden and the water can become stagnant therefore it is essential to maintain proper safety as well as the security of the pool.

The pool can be full of bacteria and heat if not taken care in the proper manner. Another thing that adds up to the cost of these pools is the installation prices that are quite high. As per the installation procedure, these pools are 10 times more difficult to install as compared to other pools.  Apart from that, the hydraulic mechanism which is installed inside the pool for the circulation purpose cost very high due to which it can be a very high costing pool.

Generally to buy a hidden pool it will cost $ 30,000 and $ 40,000 respectively apart from the cost of the maintenance of these pools. Also, the materials that are used to construct and build a pool can determine the actual costing of the pool.

Apart from this, the cost of the pool are also dependent upon the underwater heating as well as the underwater cooling which is required by these pools to get the positive results in the functioning. Even the lightening facility at these pools can add up the final bill and make your pool very expensive. From LED lights to simple lights all come at a very high pricing. Even the contractors that you hire for your pool can add up all the costs within a given range and can add extra payment in your specific budget towards the cost of the pool.

Some people prefer using a swimming jet inside the pool which can also increase the prices of the pool at a very larger manner.  These jets can further be asked from various classifications s well as varieties that will in a way bring out more extra prices depending upon the quality that one is looking up to.

Additional Features

Every pool owner wants to have a specific design and look for their pool. With the customized and personalized touch comes a great amount of costs. The additional features that can turn the cost of the pool are given below:

Romantic ambience. A lot of pool owners want to create a magic of love in the air alongside their pools. They want that there better half or the soul mate should be invited on a romantic date at this corner of their homes. Therefore, a table and a proper sitting arrangement are installed at some of the pools that people can enjoy the amazing ambience at the corner of their pool. Now these kinds of furnishings definitely require extra charges and costs.

Massive hot tubs. Another accessory that can be used to make your pool look amazing especially when you have a large peer group is the hot tubs. This can bring a feel of relaxation and a therapy especially when one is looking towards the option to distress themselves from the work pressures as well as troubles in life. These hot tubs are also a great party attraction for those who are looking for pool side theme parties. With attraction comes up a great cost of the pool too.

Chemicals. Though there are the standard set of chemicals that come to cleanse your pool from all kinds of bacteria, algae and cloudiness yet the chemicals for hidden pools are very costly in nature due to very less availability of such kind of chemicals. The chemical quantity though is quite less in the hidden pools yet the cost of these pools chemical can go up to around $ 50 per addition that will automatically bring holes to the budget which is going to be exhausted due to this.

Pool size. Depending on the size of the pool, the cost differs from each other. Though the sizes are as per the diameters and can vary for about 18, 16, 14 and 12 and as per the size of the pool one can very easily determine the cost of the pool. The patio appearance of each size will cast a magnificent look that will make you a very standardized person in front of the eyes of your neighbours and can also engulf the spirit of jealous within them. Therefore, you should always choose a right size as per your budget to avoid any kind of problems and to enjoy the full benefit of the pool.

Fountains. In order to give out a beautiful look to your pool, some owners install creative things like fountains with elegant lightening inside it and can also use bells that act as a form of security. Specially the time when you have small children in home and using the pools. You can also engrave different masterpieces inside the pool to give it a new look and tapestry.

Few Tips To Keep In Mind While Using Hidden Pools

Whenever  you want to use anything in a proper manner there are always few things that one should strictly follow to ensure that the working of the things are done in the proper manner or not.

A hidden water poll is a great way to save the space in your home. People who are having small yards or have no idea to manage large pools can easily utilise the advantage of these kinds of pools. Always look for the convenient sizes and opt for the correct size as per your need. These pools are ideal solution for those who have small kids at home but what needs to be considered is the fact that these pools should have a small fencing or a bell that can be ring during the time of emergency.

Hence, while calculating the hidden pool cost what need to be kept in mind are the factors that are actually involved and bring out a costing. These pools come in quite an advantage over the different kinds of pools yet as per the requirement one should opt for these pools.

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