Above Ground vs Inground Pool

Having a swimming pool to get the cool retreat during summers is a great way to boost the hot weather. Both the inground as well as the above ground pool have their different significance and are installed according to the varied geographical locations.While inground pools are preferred in the regions that are warmer and remain hot throughout the year. However the above the ground pools are preferred in the areas that are much cooler.

above ground pool

Apart from these there are some of the other differences in installing the inground pool and above the ground pool:

  • Costs: The inground pool costs are slightly expensive and can create a hole in your pocket . It is a incurs a lot of investment. Whereas the above ground pool costs are fit as per the tight budget of the individual . It is quite economical for all kinds of people.
  • Maintenance: The inground pool requires a heavy maintenance throughout the year which also includes large amount of electricity bill and charges due to heater, water filling that takes place quite regularly and chemicals used for cleaning purposes.

However in the case of the above ground pools the scenario is different . They are the best pool to be installed at home and requires less of expense and maintenance. They can easily be installed within few hours and their kit comes in handy.

  • Shapes: The choice of shapes in the above ground pools are quite limited as they only comes into round or oval shapes but can be found in different sizes suitable both for the kids as well as the adults for party and carousing.

Inground pools are available for all kinds of shapes and sizes . They are specially designed as per customized designs or DIY designs in case of tight budgets. Some of them come in rectangular shapes while some other comes in rounded shapes ranging to different form of shapes, designs and sizes.

  • Materials: Most of the inground pools are made up of gunite or fibreglass materials . As per the materials the in ground pool costs also varies accordingly. The gunite pool takes a much larger time  to get installed but are quite good and relevant as compared to other pools.

The above ground pool are however made out of materials that are durable and less costly like from aluminium or latex. These can be used specially for kids to enjoy. But these pools can rust very easily and can be replaced very soon. They are just the temporary pools whereas the inground pool can be both permanent as well as temporary.

Both the inground and the above ground pools have their own relevance as well as significance. While in ground is an option which is available to all those who are going out for an expensive affair the above the ground is a choice for all economical budgets.

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