5 Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews

Pools are becoming the latest trend among the people to beat the summer heat with the best outcome. Though it looks quite trendy in appeal and embarks a status to those who have the pool in their houses, yet the cleaning process of the pools requires much of hard work.

But with the coming of the best automatic pool cleaners in the market all the difficulties of removing debris and dirt from the pool is easily removed. But it is essential to know that which pool cleaner is best as per your requirement. Given below are the reviews of some of the top-rated pool cleaners that you can choose out as per your convenience.

5 Top Rated Pool Cleaners

Hayward 500Hayward 500 Aqua Bug$4
Polaris Vac-Sweep 280Polaris Vac-Sweep 280$$$4.5
Zodiac MX6 AutomaticZodiac MX6$$4
Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900$$$$4

Hayward 500 Aqua Bug Review

Hayward 500

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For different kinds of above ground pools, this best automatic pool cleaner is an ideal choice. The best thing about the pool is that it comes with the advanced level of technology and gives out a very warm experience to the senses. It cleanses the pool with lot of efficiency and professionalism.

Features of the Hayward 500 Aqua Bug

  • Smart Drive Patent Steering System: The steering system of the pool cleaner comes with a smart sense technology and gives out a very crystal clear water. The smart drive patent system makes it a very ideal option to cleanse even the bottom surface of the pool very quickly and with a complete satisfaction.
  • 10 Minute Installation: The installation time of the pool cleaner is hardly 10 minutes that makes it a very easy choice to use very rapidly. Due to this feature of the pool cleaner the activity of the cleaning too is done in a very short span of time.
  • 4 Color Unitized Cartons: The cartons of the pool cleaner are very attractive in its style and approach. With a stylish 4 carton the product showcase much of the professionalism and gives out a complete satisfaction to the pool owner.
  • Unique Turbine Water System: The water system of the pool comes out with a perfect style of gearing system that makes it a correct choice to carry out all the operations in a very silent manner. Even the water flow is done in a very balanced manner.

Pros and Cons

  • Good Water Circulation: With the help of the pool cleaner the water flow of the pool tends to get balanced. Due to this the circulation of the water is done in a prim and proper manner.
  • Professional Presentation: When you own a pool then you also want that all the necessary equipment and accessories give out a very professional touch, therefore this perfect product makes your accessory look very elegant and at the same time it gives out an approach to professionalism.
  • Deluxe Bumper Ring: Another big advantage of the product is the presence of the deluxe ring which makes it frictionless. This enhances the proper functioning of the pool. It restructured the steering program of the pool.
  • Fast Cleaning: The cleaning of the pool is very fast and makes the process takes place very quickly and at a much faster pace.

The disadvantage of the product as experienced by some of the trustworthy customers is that though the product is very good yet it is not suitable for the intex above ground pools that require a slightly bigger size of the pool cleaner. Apart from it some of the customers have noted that it can be dangerous for those who will not handle it carefully and in a proper manner. Still it is good for those pools that come with a small size.


The product Hayward 500 Aqua Bug is good with all the features as well as specifications that are required for a basic above ground pool. Though it has certain minor disadvantages yet it can be a choice for the pool owners with small budget.

Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Review

Polaris Vac-Sweep 280

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This special pool cleaner is basically designed for all kinds of inground swimming pools with a feature of automatic technology and functioning. It is one of the most popular pool cleaners and requires a boost pump to exert the pressure on the ground. It is also powered with the double jets so that the process of cleaning can be done very easily.

Features of the Polaris Vac-Sweep 280

  • Double Jets: Coming with a technology of double jets, the product cleans the pool in a very effective manner. The cleaning will make the process very efficient and the functioning too will be very appealing to the eyes of the pool cleaners. It will not only take lesser amount of time but also will reduce all the different pressures. The scrubbing process too will be done very easily and t a very small amount of time.
  • Cleans all Types Of Inground Pools: No matter whether the pool is big or small in size it will clean all kinds of inground pools and make it an ideal choice.
  • Separate Booster Pump: Unlike the other pool cleaners, the product comes up with a separate booster pump that will take away all the dirty water as well as removes the scrubbing, pebbles and large debris from the pool.
  • Single Chamber Filter Bag: The filter bag comes with a larger filter bag which will make it ideal to carry out the larger debris from the pool. This also comes with a special hose which is equipped with the capacity to take larger debris from the pool.

Pros and Cons

  • Clean All The Surface: The surface of the pool even the bottom is very easily scrubbed and gets clean out with the help of the pool cleaner.
  • Fast Cleaning: The cleaning of the pool is very faster and hardly takes an amount of 3 hours time to get the surface of the pool cleaned up.
  • Good For All Pool Types: Another big advantage of the product is that it is suitable for all kinds of pools and can be used for different sizes .
  • Separate Pump Increases Efficiency: The efficiency of the pool is increased with the help of the pump that comes with a separate chamber.

The disadvantage of the product as recorded by some of the pool owners is that it comes with a certain amount of limitations. People can understand the fact that it cannot work throughout the year with the working time of throughout the day. Also, one should check out the proper functioning of the cleaner by reading the user manual before starting with the work.


The product Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 is a recognized pool cleaner for the people across the world. It comes with a powerful design which gives out maximum performance. The pressure gauge that is associated with the pool cleaner makes it work at a very optimum level.

Zodiac MX6 Review

Zodiac MX6 Automatic

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This automatic pool cleaner is a top rated cleaner with ultra-efficient vacuum power system. It comes with a design that consumes a very less amount of energy and gives out a very powerful productivity in the functioning of the pool. It is also having a double speed feature which comes with a variable speed as per the requirement of the pool owner.

Features of the Zodiac MX6

  • Quick Cyclonic Suction: The suction of the pool is carried out a powerful cyclonic water flow system. The design of the pool cleaner is such that it will consume a very less amount of energy and will get the adequate amount of functioning ata much faster pace.
  • Easy Grip Handle: The handle of the product comes with an easy gripping which makes it complete choice. It is very essential to have a proper gripping of the pool cleaner to transport as well as during the work.
  • X Drive Navigation: The navigation of the pool is done very efficiently with an X Drive navigation theme that will make it a choice to work as per the instruction. This will clean those areas of the surface that are also not good or sometimes are neglected due to not proper lightening of the surface.
  • Optimized Flow Control: The flow of the pool is properly optimized as per the inbuilt feature of the pool. The pool cleaner is also very perfect choice that promises longer duration of the working life cycle. The performance of the pool is also higher as per the feature that is within the working.

Pros and Cons

  • Good Quality: The quality of the pool cleaner is very impressive. It not only gives out a better functioning but also provides with easy and simple solution to the cleaning process.
  • Effortless Operations: The operations of the pool cleaner are carried out in a very efficient manner. Not much of effort is being used during the process. Unlike other pool cleaners this comes with superb performance with maximum output.
  • User Friendly: The product is very user friendly and comes with light weight. It is very easy to handle and also offers superior quality of work.
  • Pre Programmed Cleaning: The cleaning process of the pool can be pre planned with the program getting with superior qualities. It also makes it a very automatic process to get the solution at a very small amount of time.

The disadvantage of the product is that as recorded by some of the customers are that the hoses that come along with the product are quite less in quantity and with at a time, one requires to buy more hoses to carry out the proper working of the product.


The product Zodiac MX6is a classy and trendy innovative pool cleaner that not only consumes less amount of energy but also makes the task 80% ore easier as compared to other cleaners. It will make the powerful impact on the psyche of the pool owner as well as the pools too. The water is crystal clear as produced through these cleaner.

Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 Review

Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900

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This pool cleaner with the automatic feature and capability comes with superb quality of work and cleaning process. It is one of the most technologically advanced swimming pools cleaner which is available in the market. Throughout the process the pool cleaner is very professional in terms of proficiency and output. With all the necessary features and equipment attached to the surface of the pool, the cleaner gives out a very essential lookout to the ambience of the pool.

Features of the Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900

  • Extra Filtration With Filter Bag: The filter bag of the pool that comes as an extra accompaniment gives out a better process. The 3 jet facility that falls with the hoses gives out a triple working advantage.
  • Tail Sweep Pro: The essential pro feature that falls with the facility of the tail sweep gives out a very great sweeping action. It offers and strengthens the better action while carrying out the tailing operations.
  • All Wheel Driving System: The driving system of the wheel makes the product give out a better reliability and give durable actions to the pool. It also enhances the maximum output of the product.
  • 31 Foot Hose Kit: As the pool cleaner is suitable for the in ground pools, the special feature of the pool comes with the deep down foot. The hose of the pool will make it substantial to reach to the deeper of the pool.

Pros and Cons

  • Legendary Convenience: The convenience of the pool is such that it will increase the working of the pool with much reliability as well as with marked excellence. The pool owners are able to get themselves relived from the activity of cleaning through using the product.
  • Durable Material: In order to increase the lifecycle of the pool, it comes with a better material that makes it a convenient option to use. Made up of the stainless steel material along with the good hardware the product is highly durable.
  • Large Filter BagThe filter bag comes out with a proper 5 litre capacity of the filter bag that will give you out as an option for the large amount of filtration process.
  • Great Sweeping Experience: With a proper inbuilt feature of the sweeping, the product comes up with a sweeping process that evades out all the extra debris that is underlying in the surface of the pool in a proper manner.

The disadvantage of the product is that if the pool is very shallow then though it will clean the surface, yet sometimes the debris is not cleaned in a proper manner. Some of the pool owners have also experienced problems of drive wheel getting holed up and difficulty while zipping out the filter bag. Even for some of the pool owners the time consumed by the product too is great as compared to other pool cleaners.


The product Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 is though good with lot of features and specifications yet for some people it might cause certain problems. Overall it has good features and are also affordable which can be one option to buy a product.

BARACUDA G3 W03000 Review


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This advanced level suction side automatic pool cleaner removes all kinds of leaves , debris and other particles that make the pool dirty and unhygienic. It also promises certain features that are quite necessary to carry out the proper cleaning of the pool. It has a much larger durability of the product and does not require too much of the wheels, gears or any other kind of extra material. The lifecycle of the product too increases with these specifications.

Features of the BARACUDA G3 W03000

  • Long Life Hoses: The hoses of the pool come with a longer life cycle. It increases the lifespan and also makes the product resistant with the scuffs and other particles. This in a way increases the durability of the product.
  • Self Adjusting Flow Valve: The flow valve too comes with a feature of self adjustment. It makes the product fitted with proper flow and balanced manner. The flow of the water can be fixed as per the requirement of the pool owner. It also build up the peak performance of the product. This will make the reach ability of the product.
  • Wheel Deflector: Sometimes there are stringent and tight areas that make that make the cleaning process little difficult. For these things the product comes with a feature of wheel deflector that positions the wheel to the most un cleaned and narrow areas of the pool where the algae can easily be scrubbed out.
  • 36 Fin Disc: The fin disc of the product comes with a feature that prevents the pool surface to hang on lights, the drain covers as well as on the fittings.

Pros and Cons

  • No Tools Requirement: The best part of the product is that it doesn’t require large amount of tools. There is no any kind of plumbing options for the better performance.
  • Longer Life Cycle: The life cycle of the pool is also for a longer amount of time. It doesn’t require much of work for the pool owner. The diaphragm of the filter system too makes it a perfect combination to be used.
  • Low Speed Pumps: For a maximum amount of capability as well as performance the pool comes with lesser amount of pool speed. These pumps thus make the power consumption too very less as compared to other pool cleaners.
  • Simple Maintenance: Another important advantage of the product is that it does not require much of maintenance. With simple tools and cleaning process you can very easily clean out the surface.

The disadvantage of the pool cleaner as noted down by some of the pool cleaners is that sometimes it tends to get stuck with the drain. Apart from it, the pool cleaner comes with lot of positive reviews from the various pool owners.


Hence, the product BARACUDA G3 W03000 is a good option for those who are genuinely looking out for the cleaning of their pools without much caring about the expenses that are involved during the process. The process gives complete solution to the cleaning process of the pool along with all the necessary equipment.

What Is The Best Pool Cleaner?

As per the latest analysis and reviews that is carried out to bring out the best pool cleaner for various above ground as well as inground pools, below are the essential properties that a pool cleaner should be having. It ensures the better cleaning of the product.

  • Less Maintenance: One of the essential things that should be included in the pool cleaner is less amount of maintenance. The lower the costs that are incurred in maintaining the prices, the more the costs are involved in making the product too durable for the complete use.
  • Cleaning Of the Hard Surfaces: Another thing which is essential for the cleaning of the pool surfaces is that the cleaner should be scrubbing out the materials that are also involved inside the cleaner.

Hence, on the basis of the analysis the BARACUDA G3 W03000 is considered to be the best pool cleaner for those who are looking for cleaning the pool with proper manner.

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