TOP 5 Best Battery-Operated Pool & Spa Vacuum Cleaners

A lot of pool owners face problems of dirt and dust particles. It makes the swimming experience bad and also gives rise to a lot of health hazards. In markets, there are lot of availability of various kinds of pool and spa vacuum cleaners.

One can buy various vacuums on the basis of rates and features that are offered by the pool suppliers. In order to make a mind which is a perfect choice, you can go through the below-mentioned reviews on the best battery-operated vacuums for swimming pools and spa.

5 Top Rated Pool Vacuums

Aura 6250 Paradise Power Spa VacuumAura 6250$4
CatfishWater Tech Catfish$4
Pool Blaster EclipsePool Blaster EclipseTM$$4
Water Tech Pool Blaster MaxWater Tech Max$$4

Aura 6250 Paradise Power Spa Vacuum Review

Aura 6250 Paradise Power Spa Vacuum

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A very amazing spa vacuum that will enhance the speed of the cleaning process of the pool. At a very short span of time, all the dirt, as well as the debris, is cleared out. It has a lot of powerful features with good quality and simple to use process.

Features of the Aura 6250

  • Effective Design: The design of the Aura 6250 is very modular and contemporary in nature. It is made up in such a way that it will increase the life cycle of the vacuum and also makes it a very simple process to use the product very simply.
  • Aluminum Telescopic Pole: The telescope is made up of aluminum material that will be able to undergo up to 7 feet. The material makes it rust free and give a better durability.
  • Hand Held Handling: The Aura 6250 doesn’t require large amount of pumping or batteries to operate. IT can be self handled with the help of the spa cleaner.
  • Self Contained Spa Vacuum: The vacuum is basically fit for the spa and is self contained for the use by the pool owners.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy To Use: The first thing that makes the product quite adaptable is that it is very easy to use and make it a perfect product to be handled to clear out the debris.
  • Clears all Kinds Of Dirt: Another important feature which makes the product very good that it picks all kinds of dust and dirt. It can also clear out different pebbles, big marbles as well as leaves.
  • No Extra Batteries Or Pumps: The best part of the product is that it is not having any rechargeable batteries or the pumps that will make the nozzle take out the product.
  • Simple Pickup: The pickup of the sand and silt from the pool becomes quite easy with the help of the product.

The drawback of the product as recorded by the customers is that the plastic of the vacuum is slightly light that might arise the issues of the durability for the longer run of the product. But owing to its features, the customers can very easily buy the product through comparing its prices.


Hence, the Aura 6250 is a suitable product that will be helpful for those who are looking out to evade out all the necessary dirt and dust particles from their pool. It is not only simple to use but requires a very less time in taking out all the debris from the pool. It is ideal to use for the hot tub spa pools.

Water Tech Catfish Review

Water Tech Pool Blaster Catfish

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The manual pool vacuum is versatile and can be used for all kinds of swimming pools and sizes. Whether you are having a spa tub, kiddie’s pools or a large above ground pool at home, all you need is a cleaner that will make it an ideal solution for removing the dirt and dust particles.

Features of the Water Tech Catfish

  • Smart Rechargeable Charger: The charger comes with a smart sense technology and is able to charge the batteries indicating various color codes when the battery is fully charged. The charger gives the automatic indication. It hardly takes a time period of 4 hours to get the batteries fully charged.
  • Extreme Filter Bag:There is an extreme filter bag that will make it a simple process to pick up the dirt and dust. The filter bag make easier to carry out the process in a much simpler manner. The filter bag is such that it is reusable.
  • Light Weight: Another feature of the Water Tech Pool Blaster Catfish is that it very light in its weight. This makes it a very easy product to be bought out.
  • Independent From Main Filter Systems: The filter systems of the vacuum are prepared in such a way that it is independent from all the other filter systems. The pool cleaner doesn’t have to be attached to the various filtration systems.


Pros and Cons

  • Affordable Rates: The rates of the Water Tech Catfish are quite affordable and cost effective.
  • User Friendly: Another advantage of the product is that it user friendly and can be helpful for the customers to have a good experience. It is a very simple process and can be used for the continuous period of 45 minutes. This makes the process to be finished in a very short amount of time.
  • Cleans All Types Of Pools: Another important thing that can be noted from the handheld pool vacuum is that it can clean all the kinds of above ground pools. This makes the better reach ability of the product. You can also easily clean a big or a small inground swimming pool from the same tool.
  • Good Scrubbing Brushes: The scrubbing brushes come with a very fine quality. This makes it a perfect solution to get the surfaces of the pool clear from all kinds of debris and leaves. It also let all the types of algae of water bugs to be removed from the surface of the pool.

The disadvantage of the product is that it should have a slight deeper suction capacity that sometimes create problem during the cleaning of the product. Other thing as recorded by some of the customers is that it also makes it a little difficult to get the narrow cleaning of the pool surfaces. This is the reason that some of the pool will not be cleared as compared to the other pools.


The Water Tech Catfish is a choice for all those who are looking towards building up the battery powered vacuum of the pools that are not too expensive. It is also convenient to buy it as per your own budget and get the complete cleaning of the system. It removes all the dirt as well as dust from the pool. With the scrubbing surfaces, even the corners of the pool get cleaned up.

Water Tech POOLBUSTERCG Review


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One of the best cordless pool vacuums that is an ideal choice for lot of pool owners, the product comes with a feature of clearing out the dust and other debris from the pool in a very efficient manner. The cleaner is good in handling and can be used for multiple kinds of the pools.

Features of the Water Tech POOLBUSTERCG

  • Extra Sand Silt Bag: The manual pool vacuum comes up with a proper sand silt bag that will help in clearing out the pool with a much more efficient manner. The pool can be cleaned with an effective cleaning purpose. The excellent bag with which the owner can take out the pool waste and removes the harmful things can be used for the picking up of the sand silt.
  • Standard Skimmer Pole: The telescopic pole that comes as an essential feature with the pool ensures that the standardized cleaning of the pool should take place. The skimmer also is a good feature which is associated with the product.
  • Multilayer Filter System: The filter of the pool comes with a multiple layers that will help in cleaning out the debris from different layers of the pool starting from the top of the surface and ending at the lower surface of the pool.
  • Independent Pool Vacuum: Another great feature of the pool is that it comes with an independent feature without any kind of hoses or batteries. The independence of the pool vacuum makes it a complete solution that there should be no involvement of the pool filtration system.

Pros and Cons

  • Light Weight: The unique advantage of the product is that it comes with a proper feature of the light weight. This makes the product to carry out from one place to another in a very easy manner.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Another great feature of the product is that it is having a feature of rechargeable battery that will make it a very easy option to consume large amount of the battery. It also reduces any threat on the lifecycle of the product.
  • Easy To Use: The product can be used with an easy step. The pool buyers won’t have to face large amount of the problems on the usability of the product.
  • Touch Up Vacuum: Another advantage of the product is that it comes with a benefit of the touch up quality which makes it a very perfect choice especially for the smaller pools.

The disadvantage of the product is that it comes with a very high power consuming feature. It consumes about 33% more power as compared to the power as required by other electric pool vacuums to clear out the debris, dirt and other harmful particles from the pool.


Hence, the product Water Tech POOLBUSTERCG is a choice for those pool owners who are looking for the option of the great usability of the battery-operated vacuum. It not only removes the pool debris but will also make it quite challenging task to remove the various kinds of harmful particles. The advanced technology based features that inbuilt in the product will make the buyer choose out the great cleaning product for their use.

Pool Blaster Eclipse TM Review

Pool Blaster Eclipse

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Made up and built up with advanced level technology, the rechargeable pool vacuum is having a great amount of power backed battery system along with the proper designed spa therapy. The product comes along with the proper cleaning up of the facility that will be helpful for the removal of the dirt particles. The cleaning of the pool vacuumtoo makes it a complete choice to eliminate all the brushes of the eclipse.

Features of the Pool Blaster Eclipse TM

  • Clear Debris Chamber: A special chamber is designed in order to remove all the dirt particles in a very balanced manner. The debris chamber is properly designed with utmost perfection and can be utilized for the clearing of the purpose.
  • Reusable Filter: The filter system comes handy with a feature that can be able to reuse the pool filter. It helps in the using of the filter in a very well defined manner.
  • Aqua Broom: It also comes with a very beautiful aqua broom which makes it a perfect choice to clean the surface of the pool. The broom that comes along with the product goes deep well inside the pool surface in order to cleanse the narrow ends with the help of the bristles that will make it a comfortable option to be easily removed from the surface of the pool.
  • Adjustable Pool Pole: It comes with a feature of the adjustable pool pole that makes it a choice to easily come with a 4 piece structure. The accompaniments are very easy to use and give a much larger impact on the construction of the pool.

Pros and Cons

  • Effortless Operations: The operations that can be conducted over the pool to seep through the clearance of the pool debris are conducted with effortless operations. You can comfortable remove the debris from the pool. Hence with ease the functions of the pool can be carried out.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Another advantage is that the battery of the cordless pool vacuum is rechargeable. As a pool owner you don’t need to continuously invest money to buy the battery when it gets exhausted.
  • Large Cleaning Path: The chamber and the cleaning path which is inbuilt in the product are having a large amount of space to easily get cleared up. It makes it a very ideal solution to remove all kinds of waste particles from inside the pool in a very easy manner.
  • Easy To Clean: Another good thing about the product is that it can be very easily cleaned with the help of the basic things. This in a way will make it a very ideal choice to get the clearing as well as the maintenance of the product done in a very short span of time.

The disadvantage of the product is that some customers have faced the problem of the water getting leaked out during the battery charging causing serious threats to the lives of our customers. Apart from it, the problems faced by the pool owners with this product is that the suction of the pool vacuum is not that great. This sometimes led the prospective buyers to fall apart from the buying of the product.


The Pool Blaster Eclipse TM is a choice for those who are looking for an easy solution within a very short span of time. The pool owner can be made happy with all the features that are inbuilt within the product. It is having all the essential things like brush, rechargeable battery with all the advanced level technology. Even all the operations can be carried out with much ease without any kind of pressures. This is a reason that though some of the customers have faced certain problems yet the sale of the product is not limited with this product.

Water Tech Max Review

Water Tech Pool Blaster Max

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Under the aegis of the WaterTech, this Max series of the pool vacuum comes with the finest quality of the hand held battery. The super speciality series that comes under with this feature will be essential for the cleaning of the pool. The inbuilt advanced level features include all the necessary requirements which a pool owner have for the working of the pool. It can be used for all kinds of pool surfaces and typesi.e vinyl, concrete, tile etc.

Features of the Water Tech Max

  • Super High Flow Pump: The pump which is fitted in the system to take out the debris at a much faster pressure is having a very heavy flow. The pump makes it a perfect choice to be having an extended cleaning process.
  • Clip On Brushes And Wheels: For different kinds of pools, the pool comes with a feature of brushes as well as wheels which make it an ideal choice to have the clip on brushes. For vinyl pools where the feature of the brushes is there, similarly for the tiled and concrete pool the feature of the wheels is attributed to the pool.
  • Dent Free Body: The material with which the product is designed is having a property of safe dent and rust free experience. It gives a proper lifecycle as well as imparts durability to each of the product. The product comes with a proper feature of the light weight body. It helps the product to be carried out to various parts of the place.
  • Quick Release Telescopic Pole Connector: In order to get the release of the dirt and dust quite easily from the pool, the quick releasing telescope which is inbuilt within the product is a perfect solution to the problem.

Pros and Cons

  • Storage Notch: The Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li Pool and Spa Cleaner is specially built up keeping in mind the storage capacity of the debris while eliminating from the pool. It is having a hanging form storage notch that makes it a very appropriate choice to get the best functioning from the pool.
  • Light Weight Body: The product is constructed with a property of a light weight which completely makes it an attraction for the pool owners to buy the product. The light weight body of the pool is very easy.
  • Good Rechargeable Charger: The charger of the pool makes it complete choice with a proper backup facility and fast charging advantage over another pool vacuum.
  • Easy Empty Bag: Another benefit which the product provides its users is that of an easy empty bag which makes it a very good choice to be used for the purpose of preventing the hands of the pool owner getting dirty due to the handling of these things.

The disadvantage of the product as recorded by some of the pool owners who used the product is that it makes a lot of noise and can be a matter of great concern. Although it falls under a super special series it is affected by a lot of pools.


The Water Tech Max is hence a good choice for those who are looking for the affordable solutions as per the budget of the pool owner. The product comes with all the special series and advantages. One can easily use the product on its own before finalizing for someone else.

What Is the Best Pool Vacuum?

Since a vacuum holds a very important place in terms of cleaning all the dirt and dust from the pool, it is very important that it contains all the special features. These inbuilt properties make the prospective buyer make up his/her mind to choose out the correct option. Here are some of the features that are offered by the pool vacuum as mentioned above:

  • Rechargeable Battery: One of the important qualities that are required to buy a prospective pool is that it should contain the feature of the rechargeable battery. It will make it a better option for the buyer.
  • Multilayer Filter System: Another important thing that has to be included as an important feature is that the proper filter system that will be able to remove the dirt and dust particles in a very better manner.

As per the properties of the pool vacuum, the product Water Tech POOLBUSTERCG is a best pool vacuum that a buyer should buy.

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