5 Best Pool Heater Reviews: A Complete Guide

If you are having a pool then in order to enjoy the best swimming experience as well as spa therapy you require a pool heater. A top rated pool heater ensures that there should not be any hurdle in your swimming. You can choose out the best pool heater for a perfect temperature for your inground or above ground pool. Given below are some of the effective models on the market.

5 Top Rated Pool Heaters

Hayward H400FDNHayward H400FDN$$4.5
Hayward HP21104THayward HP21104T$$$4.5
Pentair 460736Pentair 460736$$4
Hayward H150FDPHayward H150FDP$$4.5
Eco Saver 20Eco Saver 20$3

Hayward H400FDN BTU Natural Gas Residential Pool and Spa Heater

Hayward H400FDN

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This amazing pool heater enhances the thermal efficiency of the pool and ensures to meet all the necessary standards. It is very high in performance and increases the resistance towards the corrosion. The environment is quite adaptable.

Features of the Hayward H400FDN

  • Low Nox Emissions: Being eco-friendly in nature the product is very responsible and has a very low rate of emissions. It complies with the rules and regulations as per the prescribed standards by the local authorities in different geographical areas.
  • Standard Cupronickel Heat Exchanger: Being highly compatible with the salt chlorination system the product contains a cupronickel heat exchanger which offers the resistance to the corrosion as well as erosion of the product.
  • Ultimate Hydraulic Performance: The super level of the hydraulic performance enhances the low consumption of power. It inculcates the reduction in the circulation of the pump.
  • Digital LED Control Panel: The control panel of the product helps in the automatic working of the product. The digital panel properly maintains and monitors the performance level.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy To Install: The best advantage of the product is its flexible installation services. The water, as well as gas connection, can be fitted both on the left as well as right side as per your convenience.
  • Universal Wiring: Another exciting advantage of the product is that it has a universal wiring with the compatibility of the low as well as high voltage. It is comfortable with both the left and the right junction boxes.
  • Reliable Operations: It is also a very happening thing that the product performs with the reliable operations. The digital panel ensures that the performance of the heater is good and productive. It not only offers corrosion free experience but also give out a resistance to the product from any kind of harms of damage.
  • Good Insulation: Unlike the other kinds of pool heaters it ensures that the steel heat burners with which the product is built is giving out a proper insulation. The heat is restored and will give out a higher performance.

The drawback that is observed with the product is that despite being an eco-friendly heater, it is having a very low warranty and will impose a threat to the durability of the product.


Hence, the Hayward H400FDN is an efficient and environment-friendly heating system which will enhance the spa treatment to the pool owner at the great level. It will increase the heating of your pool with low maintenance. It will thereby give out a greater experience to the pool owners.

Hayward HP21104T HeatPro Titanium 110,000 BTU AHRI Residential Pool Heat Pump

Hayward HP21104T

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With advanced technology and heating level, the pool owners offer great versatile performance with high-performance components. It contains the self-diagnostic tools and monitors the efficiency of the pump. It restores the durability and reliability of the pool.

Features of the Hayward HP21104T

  • Titanium Heat Exchanger: The heat exchanger is made up of the titanium material. The titanium helps in the resistance of the corrosion in the salt as well as chlorine installation system. It also tests the pressure.
  • Double Electronic Thermostat: The thermostat of the pool helps in the continuous display of the pool temperature. It has an easy to locate set points that are very easy to tamper the proof settings.
  • Evaporator Fins: The evaporator fins enhance the durability of the environment and the product giving the resistance in the harsh environments.
  • Fan Guard: The fan guard made up of the vinyl material protects the pool from the falling of any kind of debris that contaminates the pool. It keeps the pool with proper safety as well as security. The fan guard also maintains the resistance of other elements.

Pros and Cons

  • Less Consumption Of Gas: At a very low costs and consumption of the gas the pool heater enhance the efficiency of the product.
  • Light In Weight: The weight of the product is that it is very light in weight. T weighs approximately 250 lbs.
  • Exclusive Coil For Corrosion Resistance: The corrosion in the coastal areas is at a greater rate and, therefore, it is the best product which is suitable for these geographical regions. The exclusive coil which is coming with the product offers resistance and performs well.
  • Easy Installation: The installation of the pool is very easy and comes with a quick setup. The installation is such that it will offer flexibility as well as durability to the product. The set up is very comfortable and quick in the connection.

The disadvantage of the product is that sometimes the control panel gets burned within the 6 months of the installation as reviewed by the customers.


The Hayward HP21104T is the suitable pool heater for the quick and convenient to use pool owners. The advanced level of technology helps in maintaining the product and offers great level of the warranty.

Pentair-460736 Review

Pentair 460736

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The great master heater that offers reliability, performance and efficiency in one product. The easy to use heating system helps in the maintenance of the pool as well as the flow of water. It is quick to heat the waters and provides warmth to the senses of the pool owners.

Features of the Pentair-460736

  • Rotating Digital Display: In order to ensure that the whole pool is covered with warmth and heat, the product contains a rotating digital display that monitors the performance and the operations of the pool at a much faster pace. It also helps in maintaining the efficiency of the pool.
  • Manual Shutting of the Gas: To prevent the threat on the safety as well as the security of the pool, it has the feature of shutting off manually when not in use.
  • Stack Flue Sensor: The feature to prevent the overheating of the product that can cause danger to the lives of the pool owners maintains proper security and safety. The inbuilt sensor of the product will automatically detect the threat and prevents the problem.
  • Cupronickel Exchanger: In order to withstand the high voltage and temperature to meet up the challenge of the harshest of the applications, the cupro nickel exchanger ensures the working of the product with a rust proof material.

Pros and Cons

  • Efficient Heating: The best thing about the heater is that it ensures that the process of heating is done very diligently ensuring the efficiency of the product. The water and the gas mixture of the heater help in the heating of the heater very fast and quick.
  • Safe Operations: Another important advantage of the pool heater is that it carries out a proper procedure of the safety operations with lot of inbuilt features. It also has proper facilities for prevention of overheating.
  • Rust Proof Exterior: Rusting is one of the most common problems which are faced by the products. Due to the difference in the weather conditions, the product has a proper rust proof exterior which sustains the product for the longer period of time.
  • User-Friendly: The product is very easy to use and is eco-friendly with a user compatible interface lights that will enable the operations and the monitoring of the applications very effectively.

The drawback of the product is that it requires a lot of the natural gas that will be a difficult task for the pool owners to undergo. The water levels to cool down the heaters too are required in large manner that will make it a difficult choice for the owners to buy the product.


Without taking away the beauty and elegance of your pool away due to the heating process, the Pentair 460736 gives your pool a pleasant heating experience. It meets the standards of the NOX emissions and contains the proper certifications. It is considered as best in terms of safety of the pool heaters.

Hayward H150FDP Review

Hayward H150FDP

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Hayward H150FDPComing with the universal fit flexibility options and advanced technology the product is the perfect solution to the already as well as new installations. The gas switch is highly flexible giving out a lot of choices to the pool owner to get the fit with a proper flexibility to conduct the setting as per your own convenience.

Features of the Hayward H150FDP

  • Digital Led Control Panel: To make the operations of the pool effective and fast, the control panel of the pool runs with a digital module where you can view the functioning of the pool heater over the screen.
  • Stainless Steel Burners: The best thing about the product is that it is having stainless steel burners that will enhance the insulation process of the pool heater which will in a way give out the good heating experience to the senses.
  • Enhanced Adaptability: Another great feature of the pool is that it has great amount of adaptability as it is highly compatible with other existing installations.
  • Light Weight Design: The design of the product is very light and compatible for the use of the pool owners who are looking for the design which is easy to use and get install.

Pros and Cons

  • Great Universal Wiring Junctions: The advantage of the product is that no matter whether your region is having a high or low voltage. It is having the capability of both the connections. Also as per the suitability of thepool ownerone can go for the connections either on the left or right side of the pool.
  • Dual Voltage Facility: Unlike other pool heaters which hardly have the standard capacity of 220 Volts, this pool heater is very versatile of double voltage system. It can be easily used for the 110 V as well as for the 220 V.
  • Great Resistance For Harsh Chemicals: To get the proper resistance towards the harsh chemicals it is having a great medium to restore the durability of the product with its resistance over the harsh amount of the chemicals.
  • Long Lasting Heat Treatment: The heating effect of the product remains for a longer period of time. Not only does it heat for a longer period of time but also stays for a longer period of the V groove-shaped cutting edge Finn plate.

The only disadvantage of the product is that comes with a limited warranty. Apart from it, the product is the best choice for the pool owners.


Therefore, the Hayward H150FDP comprises of all the necessary features as well as installations. It meets up with all the standards as prescribed by the local authorities and the government. The total management of the product ensures the correct resistance as well as the erosion that is often caused in various pool heaters. It also helps in the building up of trust and reliability in terms of operations.

Eco Saver 20 Review

Eco Saver 20

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As the perfect eco friendly heater, it absorbs the heat of the sun to keep your pool warm ensuring the proper heating of your pool. Through flowing from the various tubes, the water tends to improve the circulation of the heat inside the pool. This not only saves energy but also costs that can be quite large. The size of the pool heater too is suitable for different kinds of pool sizes as well as types.

Features of the Eco Saver 20

  • Modular Design: In order to meet up to the standards of the pool heaters, the product is set in a contemporary design. It is also having additional panels that will help in the circulation of the pools. It gives out the solar pool heating experience to the pool owners and ensuring the environment keeps it warm.
  • LDPE Panels: To maintain the resistance to the corrosion the product is constructed with a proper LDPE Panels that will help in engaging the product as per the standardized construction.
  • Quick Fittings: The connection of the panels as well as kits is having a great amount of fittings that are very quick. The installation hardly requires a screwdriver to set the whole product. All you need to do is to simple plug the switch and get the solutions in a while.
  • Wide Panel: Unlike the other pool heaters, the panel of the product is wide which allows the larger amount of the pool generation. It is six inches more wide and elongated.

Pros and Cons

  • No Pollution: as there is no use of gas like propane, there are any chances or possibilities of any kind of pollution. This makes it to be the right choice for a lot of pool owners. It’s good that when the pump of the pool is switched on, the product does not require any kind of extra electricity.
  • Smart In Design: Another big advantage of the pool heater is that of the innovative and a smart sense design which makes it as an ideal solution to perform well with any kind of new or already existing installation system.
  • Affordable Rates:The cost incurred is also very affordable. It does not leverage huge costs over the expenses that are incurred in the other pool heaters.
  • Good Heating Solar Panel System: The solar heating system makes the product a good choice as the circulation will take place very quickly. The heating system is also warmed with the filtration system very effectively.

The drawback of the product is that it cannot work in all the locations. The pool owner finds it very difficult to search for a proper area. Another thing is that operates differently at different temperatures, thus giving a challenge to the pool owners. Since the sunlight cannot be attained in the frozen ice areas, these heaters are restricted to the places that have heat or direct sunlight.


The Eco Saver 20 works well with the conjunction of the pump and gives out a proper heating experience to the people. If you are looking out to a hot water swimming then you can definitely choose it. It is eco-friendly in nature and operates well with the help of natural gas. It requires approximately 6 hours of direct sunlight to get heated.

What Is The Best Pool Heater?

As these pool heaters are eco-friendly in nature, it becomes the challenge for the pool owners to opt for the great heater. Due to so many innovative features as well as specifications, each pool heater is unique in its own way. Yet some of the necessary features make the perfect heater an exclusive choice. Depending on the geographical location as well as need, the pool owner can buy the pool heater of their choice.

Here are some of the essential features that are required to make the pool heater a perfect one:

  • Long Lasting Heat: What is necessary for a product like a heater is that the heating of the pool should be quick and for a longer period of time. Therefore, one should always buy a heater that gives out good heat.
  • Good Design: Another feature that should be counted as the necessary feature is that of the design. The design of the product should be smart and low weight intensive.

Considering the necessary features, the Hayward H150FDP is the best heater.


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