LED Lights For Inground Pools

A pool is one of the most important components in many homes across the world. A lot of pool owners prefer the underground lightening. This brings out the amusement and gives out a very personalized feeling during swimming activity.

While purchasing the inground pools there are lots of other accessories like heating systems, pool fences, vacuums, filters, etc are added to enhance the working of the pools. These accessories can be changed or added at different intervals of time. But there is one most essential thing that can’t be considered an easy go i.e the pool lights. These are the most essential accessory that the pool should be having at the initial stage.

There are different types of pool lights that are available in the market and the most famous of them are the LED lights, fiber optic pool lights, etc. But out of these, The LED lights are suggested by lots of pool owners due to their advantages over the others. The objective of the LED lights is to illuminate the pool with different colors thus bringing beauty to the inground pool. These lights are quite effective during the night time and give a spark of romance and beauty to your pool.

Designing of LED Pool Lights

These LED lights for swimming pools are specially designed in a way wherein the actual bulb is submerged inside the water and is contained in the niche of the pool. These lights are installed in the pool shell thus bringing illumination across the pool. They are made in such a manner that the bulb is properly sealed from the outside preventing any kind of water or electric sparks from coming out. The cord of the bulb is attached to the main connection and thus can be operated whenever required by switching on the light.

Unlike this, the fiber optic lights are designed in a manner that the bulb has to be kept in the dry box which should be located above the pool patio. There has to be a special fitting inside that has to be installed at the end of the pool.

Benefits Of Using The LED Inground Lights

Simple process of fitting. A lot of people have the misconception of using these pool lights underwater that will cause problems of fitting. But all these are simple myths that needs to be debunked. The fitting of the LED lights hardly takes a 15-20 minutes time period to get fitted in a proper manner. One can very easily remove the sealed bulb as and when required with the help of a professional.

Cost effective. The best thing about these lights is that they are very cost effective and as compared to other lights are less in prices. Even the lives of these bulbs are very long lasting. The lifetime of each bulb ranges from 7-15 years thus becoming more economical as per the budget. The inground pool lights cost range somewhere between $400-$ 900. Whereas the fiber optic pool lights are quite expensive and also require an electric motor to rotate in order to bring out various color variations in the pool during the night.

Bright in quality. As the LED lights consume very less electricity and save energy these lights are very good in terms of the brightness of the bulbs. They can easily illuminate a big residential property pool by just using one LED pool. Even the small led pools just require 2 lights to shine out brightly. These lights are basically installed opposite to each other so that the contrast can bring out the brightness in all the corners of the pool.

Safe In nature. As safety is a prime concern to using the lights in the pool since lots of swimmers love swimming during the night time, these lights are very safe in nature. Though a lot of people are in the belief that these modern submerged lights are not good for health and can bring electric shock as per the recent research and consumer’s opinions, it has been found out that these are just common misnomers associated with the pool lights. They are quite safe and even if you install thousands of these lights in the pool then also there won’t be any kind of problem connected.

While if you use the fiber optic light then there might be a few concerns as they require a dry box that can often catch the shock or electric short circuit. This could lead to problems of fire.

It has been observed that lots of pool owners choose light as per their convenience or utilitarian benefits. They also tend to have a very strict budget that can often lead them to compromise with the aesthetic value of their pool. But once you decide to choose a pool light for your pool it is essential to choose the right kind of light. As mentioned above the LED pool lights are a good option as they are not big in budget and are quite convenient to use.

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