In-Ground Pool Light Replacement Tips & Tricks

These days one of the prime features of the in ground pool is that it contains underwater light. Though the pool lights bulbs can last longer than several years, yet while coming in contact with the pool water. If a bulb gets burnt out then it will create a lot of trouble for you especially during the night time. Don’t worry if you are suffering from the same situation. All you need to do is to fix your pool bulb with the help of the cord that can easily fix the bulb on the pool deck.

Things required replacing the pool light:

  • A non-contact voltage sensor
  • Screw driver
  • Housing screws that can easily be replaced, required only if necessary
  • A flat-blade screwdriver
  • A towel or a cotton soft cloth
  • Swimming pool light bulb which can easily be replaced
  • Swimming pool light housing gasket that can easily be replaced

Steps to change pool light in a swimming pool

1. Turn off the power.

The first step to changing the lighting is to turn off the circuit. Through holding the voltage sensor that supplies the power to the swimming pool in order to test whether the electricity is on or off so that there should not be any kind of mishap or accident that can create trouble. What is to be noted is the fact that some swimming pools also contain their own circuit breakers.

2. Removing the Screw at the fixture.

You need to remove the single screw that holds the pool lighting over the side of the pool. Now slip the flat-blade screwdriver on the edge of the lightning socket as well as the wall of the pool so that the process of changing pool lights can be done in an easy way. Generally, the fixture is having a tab under the bottom that needs to be removed with the help of the screw driver. It will lose the tab so that the lights are removed easily.
Loose all the screws.

You need to lose the clamp screw and should pull away the lens as well as gasket from the housing circuit. Generally, the swimming pool lights contain at least 6-8 brass screws that hold both the lens as well as the gasket. You need to keep a through check over the corrosion purpose and for that, you need to take precautions so that no screw should break. Also, in case of replacement you need to check with the pool supply centre whether there is a proper facility of removing the screw or not.

3. Check for any water.

There are chances of water entering into the housing circuit which needs to be cleared out from the lens as well as the gasket. Dry all the water that is present inside the housing with the help of the towel or any soft cloth in order to prevent electrocution. You can use a soft cloth for replacing any old bulb from the housing.

4. Screw the replacement light bulb.

With the help of the dry towel, you need to hold the light bulb which has to be replaced. Screw the bulb in the housing socket of the pool light so that it can easily get fixed. For the halogen bulbs, one needs to first push the bulb inside and then twist it a little bit to bring it out with better quality.

5. Installing the new light bulbs.

Finally, start the installation process with the new light bulb as well as the gasket and replace the lens of the pool on the housing circuit. You need to keep the clamp screw tight. In some cases if the screws are corroded then you need to replace the screws with the previously removed screws and work really well.

Then submerged the housing underwater in order to check if there are any kind of air leakage that can damage the bulb. You might observe at least 1-2 air bubbles during the submergence which is a natural phenomenon but if there are more bubbles then it indicates that the sealing on the housing circuit is not carried out in a proper manner. In this case, you need to remove the lens as well as the gasket. After this, you should establish a good seal.

6. Reassembling of the cord.

Once the resealing process is carried out, you need to coil the entire power cord around the housing circuit and secure all the lights at the side of the pool along with the screw which has been replaced when you remove a pool light. After this process, you need to turn on the electric circuit to check the lighting of the pool in a proper manner.

Tips to keep in mind while changing a pool light bulb in the In-ground pool

Always make sure that the electricity is completely turned off while you are working towards the replacement of the light bulb. For this purpose always check the circuit with the help of the testing kit so that there are no chances of any kind of malfunctioning or loss of life.

Never attempt to bump on the bulb or try to break the bulb as it contains a certain degree and can harm you in a much greater manner.

While removing a pool light if any part of the hardware or masonry is found corroded you should immediately replace the part and put a new screw.

If through easily kneeling down you can catch hold of the lightning bulb then there is no requirement of the dripping of the water level. Otherwise, you should always look towards the draining of the pool water in a much better manner. While you leave the lens off it will create the dissipation of the heat and which will lead to the cracking of the bulb.

Also, take care of the gasket when you are trying to pry upon the lens, especially when the gasket is equipped with the lens. Never try to reattach the lens during the testing of the replacement bulb.

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