How To Raise pH Level And Alkalinity In A Pool

The most important activity that needs to be carried out for the maintenance of swimming pools is that of ensuring proper chemical balance in the pool water. Having a proper balance in the ph level of the pool will make it a very important thing in terms of the safety as well as the security of the pool.

It has been observed that chemicals like chlorine act as a controlling agent for the growth of algae and other harmful bacteria inside the pool waters while the chemicals like muriatic acid help to adjust pH and alkalinity in the swimming pool. It is very necessary to maintain the ph level and for the purpose of it you need test strips as well as a drop kit. Sometimes the level of the pH drops and in order to raise you need to carry out various tasks as it can hamper the circulation and filtration process.

Generally, the accurate range for the pH in swimming pools should be 7.4 to 7.8. If the pool owner keeps the pH at a higher level then chances are there that it can cause irritation or burning sensation in the eyes of the swimmer. It is due to the fact that the pool has turned out to be acidic and can create health hazards to human beings, harm the masonry surfaces of the pool and can corrode all the metal surfaces. At some places even the life span of the pool will be decreased. Owing to such problems it is very necessary to raise the pH of pool water.

Ways to Raise The pH

Aeration Process â€“ Through the aeration process you can very easily raise the pH level of the pool. All you need to do is to turn on the water features and point the water jets towards the surface. By adding the pipes on the jets the water will be directed towards the surface of the pool. Through this, the carbon dioxide will easily be evaded out from the pool water. Through this, the pH level will easily be increased without disturbing total alkalinity. Though the process takes several days to complete, it really works in a perfect manner.

Will Baking Soda Raise pH in a Pool?

Another great method through which the pH can easily be raised is through sodium bicarbonate. What has to be kept in mind is the fact that if at any occasion if the pH is low however the alkalinity is higher than instead one should add soda ash.Generally it is used to increase the alkalinity inside the pool. This is the sole reason that it is recommended not to use baking soda if the alkalinity is high inside the pool.

Sometimes it has been observed that it has created unexpected results that can cause problem to the lifespan of the pool as well as on the health of the people who are using the pool. Though some people do use it as an alternative but generally it is seen they use baking soda to increase the alkalinity.

How To Add Soda Ash To A Swimming Pool

The first step is to read out all the important instructions that are mentioned on the label of the product that one has purchased. It is solely because different manufacturers add different percentages of sodium bicarbonate.

On the basis of the test results that you will need to carry out through using the test strips, you can make an estimate on how much you will require adding to get the best results. Generally, it is recommended that you should add three quarters of the product and if it is required more then only add more.

It is recommended to dilute the soda ash in order to get the best experience. Always follow the dilution instructions as recommended in the product.

What has to be kept in mind is that the product is in powder form and therefore it should not be added if the weather is stormy or winds are there. It will easily come over your skin and clothes thereby causing rashes and skin problems.

Add the soda ash during the time when the water returns the jet sight. Through this, the water enters inside the pool. Never add it at the water skimmer area as the dry acid can very easily be pulled out from the pool during the filtration process.

Generally, the powder forms of the acid easily get dissolve inside the pool and will spread evenly. It acts as pH increaser. You might require a pole brush to evenly spread it for some of the cases.

Test the pool water after 6 hours of adding the powder and if need persists add more acid within 24 hours.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Adding Chemical Inside The Swimming Pool Sand Increasing Alkalinity

Always keep a constant check over the kind of measurements that are suggested on the product cover so that you make no mistake while mixing the product inside the pool.

Another important thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the range depends as per the length of the pool. Different types of pools require different measurements. However, adhering to the standard principle of adding the chemical will help you get positive results.

You will also observe that after several years of testing your pool will start following the normal norm in which it will raise or lower the pH level as per the pattern of adding of the chemical inside the pool.

Avoid increasing too much of alkalinity or the pH level as it can destroy the pool at a major level. Therefore it is recommended to always check the quantity before you finally add. It is always recommended that adjusting the pH will help you get positive results. The check will also ensure that you carry out the process without wasting your money and in accordance with the standard norms as indicated by the authorities.

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