What does the pressure relief valve do in a Polaris?

The pressure relief valve is a replacement part made by Polaris. Making this a genuine OEM product. This pressure relief valve was designed so the pool water can flow from an auxiliary passage and out of the feed and leader hose assembly.

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Beside this, why is my Polaris going around in circles?

If your Polaris 65 is turning in a circle continuously rather than being random left or right, the randomizer ball is not coming free from the steering port. Being stuck means there is too much leakage into the steering section when the flow should be minimum.

Then, should water be coming out of Polaris pressure relief valve? Nope, it’s doing what it’s supposed to do….the pressure relief valve is supposed to let out whatever excess water pressure your polaris does not need. So, if you want it to stop “leaking” you can send less water to the polaris return, but then you run the risk of the unit not getting enough pressure…..

Likewise, how does Polaris quick disconnect work?

How do you slow down Polaris 280?

Moving the float completely forward, toward the feed pipe, will increase the climbing ability. For the location of the head float, see the “Assembling the Polaris” diagram. The sweep hose should move in a gentle sweeping motion. To decrease its motion, turn the sweep hose adjustment screw clockwise.

What position should the thrust jet be on a Polaris pool cleaner?

The thrust jet adjusts the direction of the Polaris. Its standard position is eleven o’clock. See the “Assembling the Polaris” diagram above for the location of the thrust jet. The sweep hose should operate in a gentle sweeping motion.

How do I fix my Polaris hose?

How does the Polaris backup valve work?

When the Polaris 360 gets stuck in a corner or otherwise hampered by objects in the pool, the sweep’s backup valve frees it. The backup valve fires a burst of high pressure water from its nozzle, which propels the pool sweep backwards, enabling it to continue cleaning the pool.

How do you adjust the thrust on a Polaris pool cleaner?

Moving the jet nozzle on a Polaris pool cleaner affects how it moves in the pool.

  1. Pointing the jet higher causes the Polaris to climb easier.
  2. Pointing the jet lower increases how firmly the Polaris hugs the bottom.
  3. Moving the jet left moves the Polaris left.
  4. Moving the jet right moves the Polaris to the right.

Why does my Polaris run on its side?

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