What’s the meaning of car pool?

car pool. noun. Definition of car pool (Entry 2 of 2) : an arrangement in which a group of people commute together by car also : the group entering into such an arrangement. Other Words from carpool Example Sentences Learn More About carpool.

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Likewise, is carpooling legal in India?

The short answer — legally, carpooling lies in a grey area.

The relevant regulation for Carpooling in India is the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 (MVA). According the MVA only Contract Carriages and Public Service Vehicles under the relevant licence can carry passengers for ‘hire and reward’.

Herein, can I carpool with you meaning? Carpool means to take part in ride sharing with others.

Keeping this in consideration, what are the benefits of carpooling?

Carpooling offers many benefits

  • Carpooling will save YOU money. …
  • Carpooling is better for the environment. …
  • It’s good for your health. …
  • Carpooling is convenient. …
  • Carpooling improves your commuting options. …
  • Make new friends.

What is the meaning of car pulling?

to take away a vehicle that has been parked illegally using an official truck, to a place from which the driver has to pay to pick it up: You’re not allowed to park here – your car will be towed away .

Why is it called a car pool?

also carpool, “the sharing of a car ride by more than one person going to the same destination,” 1942, American English, from car + pool (n. 2). As a verb from 1962.

What is another word for carpool?

What is another word for carpooling?

car pool car pooling
motor pool ride share
van pool

Is carpool one word?

noun Also car pool . Also carpooling, car pooling. an arrangement among a group of automobile owners by which each owner in turn drives the others or their children to and from a designated place.

Who invented car pooling?


Type Private
Founded 2001 in Munich, Germany
Founder Stefan Weber, Matthias Siedler, Dr. Michael Reinicke
Headquarters Munich , Germany
Key people Markus Barnikel (CEO), Stefan Weber (CPO), Dr. Michael Reinicke (COO), Matthias Siedler (CTO)

Do you commute meaning?

(kəmyut ) Word forms: commutes, commuting, commuted. intransitive verb. If you commute, you travel a long distance every day between your home and your place of work.

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