How do you program a Hayward Prologic?

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In this regard, how do I connect my Hayward to WIFI?

Press the “wifi bridge” option on the right side of the screen. NOTE: The network password IS CASE SENSITIVE. To confirm connection, go to Config>Network and verify IP addresses appear under the dynamic tab. To change, select the IP address, enter new value, and select check to save.

Likewise, people ask, how much does it cost to automate your pool?

$1,800 to $4,000

In respect to this, how do I automate my pool pump?

How do I set up my Hayward Aqua Connect?

Setup Web Control

Press and hold the “Teach” button. Continue to hold the “Teach” button WHILE plugging in the power cord. Keep pressing the “Teach” button until all four LEDs blink in unison, then release button. Place the Aqua Connect Home Network in a desirable location close to the home network router.

What is a pool controller?

Automatic Pool Controls are used to control multiple functions of your swimming pool from the comforts of your home. They allow you to do such things like turn on and off the pool pump, control the temperature of your pool heater, or turning on and off your pool lights.

How do you control Hayward pool lights?

How do you unlock Prologic?

To unlock, press and hold the (<) & (>) keys until the text on the display changes from ‘Locked’ to ‘Unlocked’. Press the (<) one time, ‘Reset Config. to Default’ should appear on the display.

How does Hayward Aqua Connect work?

The Aqua Connect Home Network (ACHN) is a communications gateway that allows a Hayward pool controller to connect to a home network and, if desired, the Internet. HOME NETWORK:Any home PC connected through the same router as the ACHN can become a pool control terminal.

How do I connect my Hayward Aqua Connect app?

Press the Menu button on the ProLogic system until the Settings Menu appears, then press the left arrow button until “Teach Wireless: + to start” appears. Press the “+” button to initiate the sequence on the controller and hold down the teach button on the Aqua Connect Home Network device.

How do I unlock my Hayward Pool remote?

Unlock Configuration Menu To unlock the Configuration Menu, repeatedly press the Menu button until “Configuration Menu” is shown in the Menu Display. Press and hold the Menu Display for 5 seconds. Refer to your pool control’s manual to determine what options are offered within the Configuration Menu.

How can I control my pool with my phone?

How To Control Your Swimming Pool with Your Smart Phone?

  1. Monitor and control pumps.
  2. Turn pool and spa lights on and off.
  3. Check or change the temperature settings.
  4. Monitor solar heating systems.
  5. Check on major water features like water jets or waterfalls.
  6. Control lights for landscaping located around the pool.

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