How long will a stock tank pool last?

If you don’t mind the bright blue color and the size of the above ground pool, maybe that choice would be better for you. I will say that we read that above ground pools usually last about three years, but a stock tank can last well over 10 if you take care of it.

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Secondly, will galvanized stock tanks rust?

While stock tanks aren’t completely immune to rust, the galvanized zinc coating is meant to resist wear and tear, and, so long as the coating hasn’t been compromised (gouged or scratched) a small amount of chlorine should not hurt it.

People also ask, can you use chlorine in a stock tank pool? This isn’t a con so much as something to be aware of — stock tank pools do require chlorine. Attal recommends using two chlorine tablets each week to keep the water clean.

Likewise, can a stock tank pool be salt water?

Are stock tanks safe to swim in?

Metal stock tank pools are susceptible to rust and corrosion in the presence of water. The risk worsens if you drop chlorine tablets directly into the tank, as chlorine reacts with water to form corrosive acids.

Do you need a filter for a stock tank pool?

We definitely recommend getting a small pump and filter or aerator,” a Tractor Supply Company spokesperson tells “As they transfer and move the stock tank water, they keep the water from getting too hot, prevent algae and other buildup, and prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

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