Is a 1.5 HP pool pump good?

Our pick for overall best was the Hayward SP2610X15 1.5 HP Inground pool pump. It provides plenty of power combined with nearly silent operation and incredible longevity. Being able to work with 110v or 220v electric is a great bonus that’s made better with single-speed and two-speed variations.

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Also to know is, can I replace a 1.5 HP pool pump with a 2.0 HP?

Pool owners often mistakenly believe if they choose a 2 HP pump over a 1 HP pump, they are getting double the performance. This is simply not true. In this scenario, you will get only about 15% more flow from the 2 HP model. But the amp draw of the larger pump will be significantly higher, raising your electric bill.

Accordingly, can my pool pump be too powerful? The more powerful your pool pump is—the more horsepower it has—the faster it will turn the water over, which means you can run it less often and for shorter periods of time. But this is also dependent upon the size of your filter and the filtration system’s pipes. A too-powerful pump can be too much for a small filter.

Secondly, what is the difference between 1 HP and 1.5 HP pool pump?

So, on low speed the 1 HP moves 43 GPM and the 1.5 HP moves 45.5 GPM. To save money you want to hopefully run it on low speed (much less electrical current is used on low speed and it’s more quiet).

How can you tell if your pool pump is going bad?

Signs You Need Pool Pump Replacement

  • Rumbling Sounds. An excessively-vibrating pump motor can create these rumbling sounds. …
  • Grinding or Screeching Sounds. …
  • Blowing Bubbles and Spitting Water. …
  • Old Age. …
  • Get a New Pool Pump Now to Keep Enjoying Safe Water.

Can I replace a 1.5 HP pool pump with a 1hp?

Yes. You can, but what’s more important to answer is do your really NEED to change your pump to one with a higher horsepower rating? If you have complete information on you pool and you’ve determined that your current pool pump is not enough for your needs, by all means, go ahead and change your pool pump.

Should pool pump be hot to touch?

Under normal operating conditions, the motor end of the pump is hot enough that you can barely touch it — but not searing hot. If you check your pool pump motor and find it is far too hot to be able to touch with your hand, that’s not good.

Can I replace a 1.5 HP pool pump with a 1 hp?

Conclusion. So to answer the question, yes, you can replace your 1hp pool pump with a 1.5hp pool pump, but only if your situation calls for it. If you’ve determined that your current pump is too small for your pool, then we’ll suggest replacing it with a larger ECO pump like the Water TechniX Pump Alpha ECO.

What size sand filter do I need for a 1.5 HP pump?

Filter Sizing Chart #2

Pool Gallonage Pump Size Recommended Filter Size
15,000 1.0 hp Cartridge – 100-200 Sq. Ft. Sand – 3.0 Sq. Ft DE – 36 Sq Ft
20,000 1.5 hp Cartridge – 300-400 Sq. Ft. Sand – 3.9 Sq. Ft DE – 48 Sq Ft
25,000 1.5 hp
30,000 2.0 hp Cartridge – 400-500 Sq. Ft. Sand – 4.9 Sq. Ft DE – 60 Sq Ft

Is it OK to run pool pump 24 hours a day?

The size of your pool, the efficiency of your pump and filter, and how dirty your pool is are just some of the factors you need to consider. Nevertheless, most pool cleaning professionals would advise against running a pool pump for more than 8 hours a day.

What is the difference between a Hayward Super pump and Super pump 2?

How many gallons per minute does a 1.5 HP pool pump?

For each 1.5 inch intake line, the maximum flow into the pump will be 42 gallons per minute (GPM).

How many gallons per minute is 1.5 HP pool pump?

Pool Pump Operating Costs

Pump Size GPM (varies with plumbing) Cost/Hour
1.0 HP 60 $0.06
1.5 HP 68 $0.09
2.0 HP 76 $0.12
3.0 HP 85 $0.18

What is the flow rate of a Hayward Super pump?

4.5 – 5.5 ft. 7 – 9 ft. 10.0 – 12.5 ft. 13.5 – 16.0 ft.

Pipe Size Max GPM
2.5″ 120
3″ 180
4″ 305

What causes a pool pump to burn out?

A pool pump can overheat in two ways: because of an electrical problem or friction. While electrically related failures are by far the most common cause for pump overheating, as we will discuss at length, there is also the potential for a friction fire to develop if a pump is starved for water.

Can I replace my pool pump myself?

A professional electrician will be needed to disconnect the wiring before a pump can be removed. Once a new pump is installed, an electrician will again be necessary to reconnect the wires to the new pump. A do-it-yourself homeowner with basic mechanical aptitude can replace the pool pump in a relatively short time.

How long should a 1.5 HP pool pump last?

How long do pool pumps last? Your pool pump should be replaced anywhere between 8 to 15 years depending on the quality, and a full replacement may cost over $800.

What size pump do I need for a 15000 gallon pool?

A 15,000-gallon pool needs about 20 GPM output if we want to run it 24 hours per day. Most people run their pool on an 8-hour on/16-hour off (stagnant) cycle.

What does a Hayward Super pump do?

Hayward in-ground pumps are self-priming centrifugal pumps. These pumps have a vacuum chamber, commonly known as a pump housing. The pump housing must be filled with water in order to create a vacuum, resulting in the pump drawing the water out of your pool or spa.

Can a pool pump be too big?

You might think bigger is better in terms of pump size, but a pump that is too big can cause serious problems. In the example above, the pool’s average depth is 8 feet. Now use the formulas below to determine the volume of water in your pool.

How big of a pump do I need for my above ground pool?

Round Above Ground Pool:

For pools up to 24 Ft Round, use a 1 HP pool pump. For pools over 24 Ft Round, we recommend using a 1.5 HP pool pump.

What size pump do I need for a 30 000 gallon pool?

So, for a 30,000-gallon pool that runs continuously (24-hours), the formula is: 30,000 x 2 ÷ 24 ÷ 60 = 41.6 or rounded up it’s a 42 GPM minimum flow rate. To establish the max flow rate needed for your swimming pool, I like to go by filter surface area.

How long should a Hayward pool pump motor last?

10-12 years

What is the normal pressure of a Hayward pool pump?

Generally speaking, a pressure reading between 10 – 25 psi can be considered normal. Once you have installed a new filter, turn everything on and take a baseline reading. Each time that you change your pool filter take a new baseline reading.

How do you replace a Hayward Super pump motor?

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