Is Hayward OmniLogic worth it?

This is a system that is well worth the price. I love the fact I can control everything by using my iPhone: my lights, my pump, my heater, etc. There are separate screens for your pool and spa.

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Herein, how do I reset my Hayward OmniLogic?

Shut Down – When Shut Down is selected, the OmniLogic will turn off all pool equipment and report when it is safe to remove power. When this message is displayed, you can either power off the unit or restart the OmniLogic by touching the large power button displayed on the left side of the screen.

Additionally, how does sense and dispense work? With the Sense and Dispense technology, CO2 or acid is dispensed into the filter system’s return water as needed until the pH probe reports proper pH level. CAUTION: IF YOU CHOOSE AN ACID FEEDER FOR pH CONTROL, additional safety precautions are required to ensure that an equipment malfunction is detected.

Beside above, what is OmniLogic?

OmniLogic® brings backyard control to the forefront of pool technology. Enjoy the luxuries of full automation from the most intuitive app with effortless upgrades to always keep your backyard on the cutting edge. Salt Compatibility. Designed to be salt-ready and enables you to lower your salt level down to 800 ppm.

How do I connect my Hayward OmniLogic to WIFI?

How much does Hayward OmniLogic cost?

How Much Does it Cost? Hayward OmniLogic installations can start at $2,800.00 and run upwards of $4,500.00 depending on added accessories. If you’re worried about cost, don’t be.

How do I upgrade my Hayward OmniLogic?

You need to bring the USB memory stick to the OmniLogic and simply plug it into the side of the Local Display behind the Dead Front. Next, you will go into OmniLogic’s Configuration Menu and push Firmware Upgrade. The OmniLogic will automatically reboot with the new Firmware.

What is pool automation?

Pool automation uses a control panel to control certain pool functions remotely through actuators and relays—most commonly the pump and heater, but it can also extend to lights, water features, and spas. Bonus: some extra-modern automation systems connect long-distance via smartphone app or virtual assistant.

What is an Omni controller?

The Omni Compact Controller range offers programmable points, enabling it to monitor and control all types of external plant and equipment. It is primarily designed for the air conditioning and building automation industry.

How much does it cost to automate your pool?

$1,800 to $4,000

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