What setting should your pool pump be on?

The “Filter” setting circulates water through the sand or DE media, then out the filter through the return port to the pool. This is the standard setting for normal pump and filter operation. The “Backwash” setting redirects the flow of water backwards through the filter media to flush out contaminants.

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In respect to this, should I run my filter when I shock my pool?

Running your filter after shocking your pool is a must and is just as important to your pool as shocking it is. Be sure to run your filter for at least 6 hours, but shoot for 24 hours to several days, if your pool is particularly dirty or has algae, to properly circulate the chlorine and clean the water.

Also know, what should Hayward pool filter pressure be? Generally speaking, a pressure reading between 10 – 25 psi can be considered normal. Once you have installed a new filter, turn everything on and take a baseline reading. Each time that you change your pool filter take a new baseline reading.

Correspondingly, how do you read a Hayward pressure gauge?

What do the settings on a pool filter mean?

What setting should pool filter be on when vacuuming?

To begin vacuuming your pool:

If you have a sand filter and are vacuuming to waste, set filter to “waste” option. If you do have this option, it is highly recommended that whenever you have algae, you will need to vacuum to waste.

What are the settings on a sand filter pump?

What do the settings on my Sand Filter do?

  • Filter: Use for normal filtration or vacuuming the pool.
  • Backwash: Is used to clean filter sand. …
  • Rinse: To clean water inside filter tank. …
  • Waste: Use for vacuuming heavy concentrations of dirt directly to waste. …
  • Closed: Use for shutting off the flow to the filter and pool.

How do you operate a pool pump?

What PSI should my Hayward pool filter?

The pool filter pressure should be steady, operating in a range of +/- 10 psi. When it’s outside this range, very low or very high, then you know that something’s wrong. Some gauges allow you to set the clean and dirty range, or you can write it on the filter tank with a marker.

What is the winter setting on pool pump?

After a backwash and rinse, place the valve to the “winterize” setting on the top mount valve. This will allow water to drain from the valve. Next, you’re going to have to completely drain all the water from the filter tank.

What pressure should pump pool be at?

If anything could be considered “normal”, it would be about 10 psi. Most filter systems are designed to operate in the 5-15 or 10-20 psi range. The way to find out your particular correct pool filter pressure is to clean or backwash the filter thoroughly and empty the pump and skimmer baskets.

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