Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas That Will Make Your Pool Beautiful And Usable

Above ground pools are one of the best options to install a swimming pool in your home. They are economical, convenient and quite easy to use. They don’t require too much of maintenance and, therefore, can be a preferred choice to use these pools in your premises.

With the coming of the summer season, the whole family loves to enjoy themselves in the pool. It is the most sought after way to keep you cool and happy during the scorching heat of summers. However in order to attain full joy and adventure you need a deck that surrounds your pool. A deck helps you to avoid the big pool ladder that people often have to climb in order to dive from a higher pedestal.

Having a deck solves this problem and also provides a great platform to you and your friends to enjoy the sunbathing experience with music in the background. At night, you can also enjoy a poolside candle light dinner with your partner.

But the problem lies in the fact that building an artistic as well as beautiful pool deck can be a complicated job for the carpenter. He might get short of innovative ideas as well as designs. Not all the packages offered by the carpenters have a pool deck plans that are suitable as per your need.

Here are few simpler yet attractive above ground pool deck ideas that will give out a nice look to your pool plans. These designs and ideas are prepared with a lot of time saving options that can help you to get your energy stored and used in a more proper as well as authentic manner.

Floating Foundations

One of the most common option that you can have as your idea of deck building is that you can use the option of a floating deck that is quite spread across the geographical locations and caters towards the region that can experience a very high frosting during winters.

These foundations come into different codes and are employed as per the suitability on different areas. Therefore, you can check with the authorities of your building and get the better glimpse as to what all codes you can follow to build a pool deck for yourself.

Use Of Deсk Blocks

Deсk Blocks are another major option that can be used to build the pool decks and is a very time saving option that can be used to save the money as well as time. It doesn’t require the traditional method of deploying dozens of holes inside the pool deck in order to give it a refined look. As you might be in the opinion of pouring the concrete footings you will not be able to face any kind of problems.

Steps In Pool Deck Building

Sometimes you want to build a deck pool all by yourself. At such a scenario you need to follow certain steps that are necessary in terms of building a deck for your pool.

Installing a support posts for the deck. The first thing is to prepare a support system for your pool deck. There are different sizes pool support posts that can be made out as per the design of the frame you are looking to build. The prime action that needs to be taken on your behalf is to set a concrete block of posts by making the ground even through removing any kind of grass or stones.

Build a frame for the deck. Now you need to build a frame as per your need and choice. You can seek a professional help to build a frame. You can use galvanized metal corners that can help in speeding up the work.

Install the deck as per your convenience. Now once the framing as well as supporting framework is over then you can use the deck to be properly installed. Lay the deck in a proper manner one by one.

Install a proper railing for the deck. It is very essential to protect your deck with a proper safety. Install a railing as an option.

Types Of Pool Decks

There are different kinds of pool decks that you can use in order to give a proper balance and look to the deck.

Wooden Decks. One of the most commonly used and popular type of deck are the wooden decks. These decks can be made from any size and shape. The unique thing about these kinds of decks is that they can be moulded in whichever manner you want.

Aluminium Decks. Another most popular deck is the aluminium deck that is sold with all the pool material shops. Even if you buy a pool sometimes these decks are provided as a complimentary asset that you can use. They are quite comfortable to use and have the ability to resist the coldest atmosphere thus shielding your pool. Even for the feet the carpet flooring of these decks is quite comfortable where you can rest after you shower.

Resin prefab decks. The speciality of these decks is that they are resistant of the cold weather as well as the best substitute if you are not looking for the option to build the aluminium deck. These come in different colours, shapes and sizes. They can also be built in different designs as per your requirement. All you need to do is to tell that your design which is feasible as per your selection.

Stone decks. If you are looking out to indulge yourself into an expensive option then you should opt for the stone deck flooring that can be made up of marbles and big budgets. It looks good if you own a big mansion or want to transform your mansion into a castle.

Composite style decks. The superior choice to have a designer deck is to ask your carpenter to build this kind of deck as per your own requirement and need. These can also be made with an amalgamation of two types of pool decks i.e a pool with a marble surrounded by wood.


Hence, in order to get the optimal pool deck ideas, you should look out for your budget, the types of decks that are feasible for your requirement and can enhance the look of your pool. You can also follow the proper installation procedure if you are looking out to build the deck on your own with a lesser budget.

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