Where is the serial number on a Pentair IntelliFlo?

You will need your serial number to register your Pentair IntelliFlo VSF pump. You will find this on a silver tag on the side of the pump housing.

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Moreover, where is the model number on a Pentair pump?

Pump Model Number – The Pump Model Number is located on the “wet end” aka front housing of the pool pump. This is typically stamped in the pump housing or on a sticker label.

Moreover, how do you read pool Motor labels?

Just so, what does up rated pool pump mean?

Once you have understood the system, you will realize that a pump that has a higher horsepower listing and a lower service factor listing is described as an up-rated motor. The original motor is called a full-rated motor. The pumps are basically the same; they simply have different horsepower and service numbers.

Are Pentair pool pumps made in China?

Pentair Residential Filtration, LLC, a joint venture between Pentair, Inc., and GE, announced an addition to its manufacturing operation in Suzhou, China.

How do I read my century motor serial number?

The first five numbers of the serial number of most Hayward Century pump motors manufactured since 2006 indicate the date of manufacture, with the first three numbers being the day of the year, and the fourth and fifth numbers are the year.

How do you check the amp on a pool pump?

REMOVE ELECTRICAL COVER – Unscrew the two screws that hold the cover over the back end of the motor. Remove the cover to expose the electrical connectors. You will be measuring the amperage of the supply power coming into the pool motor labeled L1 and L2.

How do I know if my pool pump is 115 or 230?

In any event, if you turn on the meter, turn the knob to the 750 ACV position, put the leads on the wires in the pump (white and black or black and black) you would be able to see if you have 115 volts or 230 volts.

Where do I find my pool pump model number?

Where is the model number on a Pentair filter?

Every pool filter comes with a spec and model information sticker on its tank. This sticker lists the make and model, the list of sizes for that particular model, and their specs. The model number of your specific unit should be marked. The label should also list a serial number.

Where are Pentair pool pumps manufactured?

Our manufacturing plant, located in St. Paul, Minneapolis, USA, produces products for fluid processing, respiratory, membrane, blood line and systems.

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